Baking Tips you’ll be GLAD to have…


Enjoy these baking tips from GLAD!
• When rolling dough, place GLAD Press ‘n Seal on the counter and roll the dough on it – this will help make it an easy clean-up later
• Use GLAD Press ‘n Seal to completely cover your yeast dough when rising, it keeps all the moisture sealed in so the dough doesn’t dry out
• Keep your pots, pans and oven dishes in good condition by lining them with GLAD Bake and Cooking paper – it’ll protect your dishes and leave your food unaffected
• Line dessert moulds with GLAD Bake and Cooking paper to stop it from sticking and to create a patterned effect
• Use Glad Zip Seal bags for crushing biscuits for pie crusts etc.; the sealed bag will stop the crumbs from messing everywhere
• Use Glad Zip Seal bags to store spare ingredients; they’re easy to label and easy to store in the fridge









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