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Roff C80: The flexible, commercial system – sophistication simplified

Those in search for a flexible, scalable maize mill that gives you real-time data do not have to look any further than the Roff C80. The new Roff C80 Maize Mill has a capacity of 5 to 15 tons per hour. With the C80 you can produce two grades of maize meal, or it can be designed as a grit plant.




The C80 is compact – 20 m (l) x 10 m (w) x 10 m (h) – 5 ton/h option. No specialised, expensive and long lead time civils required and can be productive in 8-10 months.


The C80 Maize Milling Plant ensures an extraction rate of between 70% and 74% in South Africa (maize quality dependent), well above the industry norm of 68% – 70%.

Programmable logic controller (plc)

Sequential start and shutdown of the system
Monitors product flow via process weighers
Visual representation of the mill
Alarm monitoring

Human machine interface (hmi)

Monitor the process
Determine the performance of the mill

Process weighers

The process weigher supplies management date of capacity and extraction rates


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