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We simplify food production practically. If you have a difficult food product, you require a fluid manufacturing solution for? We can help.





Empowering food forming equipment for a wide variety of food types that simplifies processes functionally. Suppliers of commercial production pastry, dough and pie machines for almost any type of pie shapes and tins, from the party to family pie, tarts, quiche shells, pasties, foldover pies and empanadas.


Cold food forming machines that solve productions for the most complicated commodity types; Producing exceptional output and quality that make startups and up scaling your business forward affordable and easy while dramatically reducing your risk.





Uncomplicated, versatile, cold and hot food forming, crimping, portioning, flatbread, roti and fondant machines for a variety of applications; Enabling excellent production solutions and upscale for many known foods and difficult goods with a practical simplicity.







Things started in the early 1980s. We were the first independent pie manufacturing family in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and probably one of the originals in the country. At times, we were producing more than 5000 pies per day.

It was the limitation of space and high costs that spurred the concept that is now our range of manual and semi auto machines. We needed to develop ways of working smarter, using less space, producing more pies, more profitably.

Having an aircraft engineer as a father and Italian mom that’s a genius cook, teacher and manager, solutions were innovated.

Over the years, those tried and tested solutions were engineered into our range of hard-working industrial, modular machines.

Within the foundations of what we do, are our beliefs and knowledge in real/natural/healthy foods. Organic foods often, are more difficult to create simple production solutions for.



Production of almost any shape is possible; including complex fluted pie containers, square, rectangular, oval, or other non-round shapes.


We have solutions for various pastry products, cocktail and family pies, tart shells, Empanadas, pizza bases, chapati, rotis and more. 




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      Hi Unity,

      Please contact Kevin from Pie Designs at 082 805 3939. He will be able to help you.

      Regards Rob


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