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SASKO Sandwich Stories


SASKO Sandwich Stories Evoke Childhood Memories

SASKO’s new campaign celebrates the sandwich





July 2019: The simple sandwich – it’s more than just two slices of bread, it’s the memory of the person who made it for you, the moment you shared and the traditions that are passed on from generation to generation.

In celebration of the sandwich and the memories it evokes, SASKO launches SASKO Sandwich Stories.

Remember the toasted cheese sandwich your father made on a Sunday night while you told him about your weekend?


Or the first day of school lunchbox sandwich with peanut butter and syrup because only mom knows it’s your favourite and would help with first day jitters?



Or how about the day you created your version of a Dagwood sandwich while working on a school project with friends and had to make it over and over again because it was ‘The best Dagwood EVER!’

Le-Anne Engelbrecht, SASKO marketing executive, explains, “We want to showcase the love and care that goes into making a sandwich, proving that it’s more than just filling a tummy. Sandwiches are often a way of showing how much you care and SASKO bread is often at the centre of these stories.”

To bring the campaign to life, Clement Pedro, much loved foodie and TV chef, shares the story of his favourite sandwich. (view here) – This recipe is from Clem’s dad’s Tuesday treat.


“It’s when Clem starts explaining why the recipe is so important to him that we understand the emotion and memories associated with it,” says Le-Anne. “We know that everyone has a similar story to share – some are sad, and some are in celebration of happy events, but each Sandwich Story is equally important.”

To see Clem’s Sandwich Story head to SASKO website,, or SASKO’s Facebook page and tell us what your favourite sandwich is and why.

Source – The Jupiter Drawing Room



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