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Clean like a Hero with Chux Superwipes



The Chux® brand is growing in popularity in South Africa and will surely become the heroes in your home. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge. Put them to the test, because Chux® helps make the big chores smaller, when you need all the help you can get.




Chux Superwipes® are multifunctional, they rinse clean, are durable and can be reused. They clean spills like they never happened! Made from a special open weave cloth, the double action holes enable Superwipes to easily pick up dirt and food particles.

Bring out the power of Superwipes:

• Wrap a Chux Superwipe cloth around a butter knife to clean in all the hard to reach places like under the fridge, next to the stove and between the cupboards.
• Quick fix! Attach a Chux Superwipe to the bottom of your broom – removes dust, spills and shines and you can rinse it and use again.
• Chux Superwipes are available in fun colours so you can use a different coloured cloth for different rooms to minimise the risk of cross contamination or germs.
• To clean and rid the microwave, or refrigerator of residual odours, wipe it down with a Chux Superwipe, hot water and bicarbonate of soda.


Chux® helps make the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home.

Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess … there’s a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you.


For more information on Chux® visit or


Chux® can be found at selected Spar, Pick n Pay Family and OK Foods stores nationwide.


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