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Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing from PHT.

Hygienic, effective, environmentally friendly crate washing from PHT.

The cleaning system of the CM series has a particular hygienic design and low media consumption. All surfaces are bevelled and edges are rounded.




The crates pass through the machine at an angle and are optimally washed by specially developed rotor nozzle arms. Even crates of the various heights can be washed unsorted without any adjustment.





Optimised module sizes allows for reduced water, detergent and energy consumption.
Separating curtains, which are hygienically questionable, are unnecessary.


▪▪ Fast, user-friendly process flow
▪▪ Reduced cleaning agent consumption
▪▪ Easy-to-clean interior
▪▪ Innovative door mechanism
▪▪ Zone separation with bulkhead plates
▪▪ Rinse water bypasses the main tank
▪▪ Optional: Basic pre-rinse
▪▪ (Wastewater is fed back to the first pre-rinse and then runs into the drain.)


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