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OGGS Launch Plant Based Liquid Egg Alternative


OGGS® Is The New Eggs!

OGGS® launches Aquafaba, the UK’s first patented plant-based egg alternative





Hassle-free, plant-based cooking and baking? OGGS® has cracked it. OGGS® Aquafaba is a ready-to-pour liquid egg alternative, which is set to completely reshape the future of home cooking and baking.



It whips, whisks and binds just like egg whites.


At a time when many people have been inspired to get their aprons on, OGGS® Aquafaba is set to be the new store cupboard staple, keeping bakers baking, cooks making and cakes rising. From meringues and mousses to mayo and sauces – the only thing you can’t do is dip your soldiers in it!


100% plant-based and low kcal, OGGS® Aquafaba is made using chickpea water, which is naturally free from egg, dairy, gluten and soy. So, it’s the perfect choice for people with allergies or anyone looking for plant-based, sustainable swaps in their diet.



OGGS® is on a mission to create change by making eggless cooking and baking accessible to as many people as possible. It’s no secret that we need to make changes to what we consume if we are going to sustain our planet for the future. Together lots of small changes, like swapping eggs for OGGS®, lead to a much bigger, positive impact on animals and the planet. It’s convenient and consistent, with little personal compromise. It even comes in packaging that is FSC sustainably sourced and fully recyclable.


OGGS® Aquafaba comes in a ready-to-pour 200ml carton, which is the equivalent to four eggs but is longer lasting and can happily be stored in your cupboard for up to 12 months. So, more people swapping out eggs for OGGS® will help to reduce food waste, make a positive change for the future of the planet and give chickens the day off! What’s not to love?



Cruelty-free, egg-free cooking and baking has never been so easy, so what are you waiting for? Grab your apron and crack open the OGGS® today! If you need any inspiration, you can find hints, tips and recipes created by the OGGONY aunt on the website.

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Available now in Waitrose and The Vegan Kind Supermarket. OGGS Aquafaba will also be launching in Sainsbury’s from the 23rd of September followed by ASDA later in the year, it’s priced from 2.25 GBP for 200ml.


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