Brexit inflating price of flour

The milling industry in Ireland warned that Brexit could put an extra 10 cent on the price of a loaf of bread. 80% of the flour used in the Republic for baked goods and other products comes from the UK, and may face a significant tariff if a trade deal is not struck between Britain and the EU. If Irish producers switched suppliers to those operating within the EU to avoid trade barriers, then jobs would be lost in the UK, according to the National Association of British and Irish Millers.

Director Alex Waugh said: “If tariffs were to be introduced, the rate the EU normally charges would add eight to 10 cent to a loaf of bread in the Republic. It is pretty inflationary, assuming the flour continues to come from the same source as now. Once you introduce a tariff everything changes, so the likelihood is that the flour currently coming from the UK would come from somewhere else in the EU where there would not be a tariff.” He said the result would be jobs lost in the UK.

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