Chocolate for Baking

Chocolate is not only incredibly versatile, but it seems to be the recession-proof luxury for consumers around the world. 




BakerSA investigates its enduring popularity, despite the upheavals in the chocolate industry.

Chocolate is certainly everyone’s favourite treat, in any of its incredibly versatile forms. From chocolate slabs and intricate, delicate chocolate delicacies, to cake icings and baking ingredients – and even unusual pairings with spices and ret hot chillies – there is virtually no limit to the many uses of chocolate.

The chocolate and cocoa industry has also not escaped the ravages of the recent global economic turmoil, but it seems that the popularity of chocolate has not been affected in any way.

In the baking and confectionary industry, chocolate is an indispensible ingredient. In baking, it is used as a functional ingredient, as well as a topping and filling for cakes, doughnuts croissants and much more.

As a functional ingredient in baking, chocolate adds colour and flavour. Depending on the results required, as well as the ingredient composition, different kinds of cocoa are used. For example, in cakes that require a sweet and mild chocolate flavour, natural cocoa, that is light in colour and flavour, is used.

For a more intense flavour, darker, alkalised cocoas are used. Brownies and Devil’s food cakes require a light, medium or red alkalised cocoa, while doughnuts are perfectly suited to dark brown cocoa. The darkest, almost-black, cocoa is used for sandwich-type cookies. The consistency of the colour of the cocoa is important in the food industry where colour plays a crucial role in quality perception.


In addition to the colour and flavour, cocoa powder also contributes to the bulk, structure, richness and mouth feel of baked goods. The fat content of cocoas for baked goods ranges from 10% to 12%.

Of course, chocolate can also be included in baked goods, such as chocolate chips in choc chip cookies.
However, as a functional ingredient, cocoa also poses some challenges to bakers, including the trans-fat issue, and its affect on the baking process itself. For example, adding cocoa to the recipe requires changes to the formulation – such as adding more liquid to compensate for the water absorption of the cocoa and compensating for the alkalisation process.

In terms of the trans fat issue, confectionery coating for baked goods are often made with partially hydrogenated oil to allow a wide range of melting and handling characteristics.

Chocolate must be one of the most versatile toppings and fillings imaginable. It can be used to ice cakes, dip cookies, top doughnuts, drizzle croissants, or fill anything from cakes to biscuits. There are chocolate sprinkles and shavings, chocolate icing and glace and a range of innovative chocolate toppings to create magnificent baked goods.

In confectionery, chocolate has always reigned supreme. Its most popular form is the small balls of chocolates which hide an incredible array of delightful surprises, from fudge and mint crème, to liqueurs and nuts. And chocolate confectionery is truly fit for all seasons – from Easter to Christmas, with Valentine’s and Mother’s Day in between creating endless options for confectioners to create occasion-specific treats with chocolate.

The confectionery industry is also a rich ground for innovation – and sometime bizarre combinations.

Chocolate consumers are becoming more adventurous, enjoying darker, more unusual flavour combinations with higher cocoa percentages. Chocolate infused with spices like pepper, chilli and fennel have already moved towards the mainstream.

These days, high-quality products are available from all the equatorial regions that produce superior varieties of cocoa. Chocolate creations are now available in so many different flavour profiles that only wine can compare to the vast range of tastes on offer. But the taste of the chocolate doesn’t depend only on the bean that is used. Nearly all the processing steps, from the harvest right through to the packaged chocolate bar, influence the taste of the fine end product.

Fortunately for bakers who need to keep up with the price increases and consumer demands, there are a number of suppliers who ensure using chocolate in baked goods is both easy and cost effective.

South Bakels – Manufacturing, distributing and technically supporting high quality baking ingredients to the global bakery market since 1904.

We manufacture and distribute a wide range of premixes and specialised ingredients, some of which are tailor made for industrial and in-store bakeries while others are specifically developed for the Craft and Foodservice sectors.

Chockex is an effective alternative to chocolate and is suitable for all applications where you want a taste, look and mouthfeel like chocolate.

The advantage of Chockex is that, unlike chocolate, it does not contain cocoa butter, which makes it easy to use as it does not require any tempering.

Our Chockex range consists of several different colours and tasty flavours with the optimal consistency and viscosity.

Chockex, in addition to dipping and coating, is also suitable for decorating and moulding. It gives a delightful shine with a hard snap, just the way you want it. With quality-assured production in our factory, we assure you that this product will take your pastries and confectionery to the next level.


Production takes place from start to finish in our specially equipped factory. This enables us to have full control and focus, from the carefully selected raw materials, to the final quality control giving you, our customer a product that you can rely on with confidence.


Bakels Chockex is also an excellent choice for industrial production. The products versatility and stability will simplify and increase the cost-efficiency of your production.

Each batch undergoes several stringent quality tests. Amongst other things, viscosity, taste and colour. This provides you with a product that has a silky mouthfeel, rich taste and an easy-to-handle texture.

Chockex is delivered in an easy-to-handle format, for easier application, handling and storage and is available in the following variants:

FAMASONS is a proudly South African business, established in 2003 by a family team of passionate, food industry professionals who are obsessive about pursuing the quest for Ingredients of absolute quality and perfection.

We offer you professional Ingredient Solutions, ideally suited for use in all the food manufacturing industries.


Our products allow Industry Connoisseurs such as:
Bakers – Confectioners – Pastry Chefs – Chocolatiers – Food Manufacturers, to captivate their customers, by exceeding quality benchmarks in a competitive industry.



Chocolate products available from Famasons –

Aalst Chocolate Chips, Aalst Chocolate Compound Buttons, Aalst Chocolate Couverture Buttons , Aalst Chocolate Milk Couverture Buttons, Chocolate Block Dark, Chocolate Chips Caramel & Milk, Chocolate Coating Discs Dark and White, Chocolate Slabs Caramel, Dark and Milk, Chocolate Slabs White, Chocolate Slabs Yoghurt, Ice Cream Caramel Crunch Coating and Ice Cream Chocolate Dual Coating

Relianz Foods – Relianz Foods offers an extensive range of quality ingredients and value-added services to Bakery & Food Manufacturing customers.

Since 2003 Relianz Foods has been making a difference to the day-to-day operations of customers by being able to supply a diversified product range, timeously and at the right price.

Relianz is committed to adding value to their customers, with extensive experience as suppliers of quality bulk and pre-packed ingredients to the bakery, food manufacturing, food processing and food service industry, throughout South Africa.

A proudly family-owned and managed business, Relianz prides themselves on their dedication to service and attention to detail.

As a sales & distribution partner for key local and international manufacturers and processors, Relianz hits the mark when it comes to all your Chocolate and baking ingredient requirements. A selection of their ingredient options is highlighted below, but they invite you to reach out and discuss your specific product requirements.

Chocolate & Cocoa Powders

Bake Stable Chocolate:
– Choc Chips: Dark, Milk, White and Caramel
– Real Chocolate Chips: Milk and Dark
– Choc Chips Giant: Dark
– Real Chocolate Mini Chips: Milk
– Pure Chocolate Chunks: Dark

Chocolate Coatings:
– Chocolate Disks: Dark, Milk, White
– Chocolate Slabs: Dark, White, Yoghurt
– Carob Choc Coating Sticks

Chocolate Decorations:
– Milk Chocolate Flaked Bars
– Choc Vermicelli

Cocoa Powders
– Cocoa Powder Dark M40
– Cocoa Powder PD4011 KLK
– Cocoa Powder PV7
– Cocoa Powder Five Rivers (PAB)
– Cocoa Powder Relianz Cater Grade

Chipkins Puratos – Puratos is an international group, which offers a full range of innovative products and application expertise for artisans, industry, retailers and food service customers in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate sectors.

By creating value through the fermentation mastery that results into superior tasting chocolates then sharing the value created among the chain and especially with cocoa farmers. Cacao-Trace is the only sustainable cocoa sourcing program that is redefining the standard for chocolate.

At Puratos, we are building a better future for cocoa with a game-changing strategy. The traditional business model in the cocoa industry does not provide a sustainable future, driven by a commodity mindset which looks at quantity over quality. There is an imbalance in profit share, poor working conditions, deforestation, child labor and women inequality.

Cacao-Trace differentiates itself by focusing on taste improvement. Our exceptional fermentation expertise with an unparalleled international network of postharvest centers is the key to creating superior tasting chocolate and a willingness to pay.

Our Cacao-Trace chocolate collection consists of Belcolade, Chocolanté, Carat, Patisfrance and many other brands, offering the finest quality chocolate for every imaginable application.

Join our exceptional world of exceptional chocolate!


Compound chocolate tailored to local tastes

Carat compound chocolate products are manufactured in Puratos plants around the world. The range is adapted in every region to the local taste preferences and application requirements. Local production also ensures that customers can rely on the same quality standards and product consistency, regardless of where they buy their products. In addition, we always strive to develop innovative concepts that bring a new lease of life to the world of compound chocolate.


What makes Real Chocolate from Puratos unique?

Puratos tries to respond to every modern consumer’s wish for a unique taste experience. To do so, Puratos uses a mobile taste lab to analyse the taste preferences of tens of thousands of consumers. With this information, we make chocolate based on these tastes, responding to both global and local taste patterns.

This is how Puratos guarantees that Chocolanté matches your personal preference. It’s a truly flexible product, known for its rich and sophisticated taste and smooth texture that can be adapted to your specific needs.


At the heart of Belcolade chocolate is its unrivalled taste. Outstanding flavours that come from the careful selection of the best quality cocoa beans from around the globe. This is complemented by a chocolate making process that we have perfected over decades of experience. Mastering all the steps such as refining and conching we guarantee the truly real Belgian chocolate experience.

Our beans & expertise are at the heart of an amazing spectrum of flavours

Our passion for chocolate does not stop there. As a family-based company, we value proximity with our customers and take great pride in supporting them in developing the most personal chocolate creations. Belcolade offers a rich palette of flavours, from real Belgian taste favourites to the most unique single-origin gems. Recipes tailored to specific requirements can also be considered.


Pralinés and Nut specialties have unlimited use in chocolate-making, patisserie & viennoiserie creations. With a choice of creamy and smooth to more texturised and even crunchy, the type of praliné you use makes a real difference.

Used as a flavour or filling, it will add a touch of excellence to all kinds of creations. Puratos uses the most modern techniques and the very best ingredients to produce a range that is more suited to the specific needs of the local and international market.


Fillings enrich taste experiences

Every day, our customers make all sorts of sweets such as doughnuts, croissants, brownies, chocolate cakes, muffins, macaroons, pralines etc. The final taste of these products is highly influenced by the filling that is used. Fillings also have an impact on texture, efficiency and the shelf life of a product.

Through in-depth understanding of ingredients, taste and texture, consumer preferences and production requirements, we create filling solutions that add value to your products and creations. They can be used to provide new tastes and textures to delight today’s ever more demanding consumer.

Nestlé Professional – Nestlé Professional is a world-renowned, number one food and beverage solutions provider. We’ve reached global recognition through the delivery of creative, tailor-made solutions to suit every business’s individual requirements.

Nestlé chocolates and confectionery products are known for their exceptional quality, adding delectable goodness to any business!

• KITKAT® Spread 3kg
• Nestlé BAR ONE Dessert Topping
• Nestlé BAR-ONE Energy Spread
• Nestlé Milkybar Dessert Topping
• Nestlé Peppermint Crisp Dessert Topping


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