IT Software Delivers Ideal Logistics Solution

An IT solution from CSB-System is helping a production facility of leading German supermarket chain EDEKA save time and money by optimising the entire supply logistics at its sites in Meckenheim and Essen. Since equipping its 80 vehicles with the route optimisation solution from CSB-System, Fleischhof Rasting has been extremely happy with the results.





The solution uses complex algorithms to calculate the optimal tour for each truck and route, taking into account the specified time-frame of delivery, the different types of vehicle, the availability of vehicles and drivers and any relevant legal provisions regarding driving times – all of which is based on master data stored in the ERP software from CSB. The route optimisation system also takes into account reusables as well as collection and procurement orders.

This new solution has facilitated better planning and implementation of upstream processes. For example, picking at the factory is now precisely tuned to the calculated route and loading sequence. Orders already prepared in an earlier shift are included in planning with orders ready for picking. The optimised routes for the day are then automatically transmitted to mobile data entry devices that connect to the electronic and navigation systems on board the trucks.

“The logistics for delivering fresh meat and sausages to our customers every day is rather complex,” explains Manfred Sebastian, Head of Business Administration at Fleischhof Rasting. “In order to optimise deliveries while keeping the prices for the consumers at a minimum, we are using an integrated solution by CSB-System. With the latest upgrade, we incorporated enterprise resource planning, material flows and logistics even more closely.”

Every day, Rasting’s 80 drivers deliver 15,000 E3 crates to 800 customers, partly driving on motorways, but also frequently on country and municipal roads. “For us, this means lots of miles every day, and the delivery addresses and order quantities keep varying,” continues Manfred. “Any small detours of the individual drivers overall easily add up to a few hours’ time and many litres of fuel as unnecessary costs every day.”

This means it is vital to have good systems and optimised routes. As well as receiving the routes and transmitting them to the systems on board the trucks, the data entry services also document the entire delivery, including any unplanned stops. A permanent online communication is meanwhile established with the host system in Meckenheim, where a control station monitors the vehicle’s position, the reusable handovers and the temperature in the cargo department.

“There are no unnecessary detours anymore and in the past months, we could substantially reduce the motorway tolls due,” comments Manfred. The control functionalities integrated into the solution mean Manfred can track and control the drivers’ journeys by comparing actual and expected data, and evaluate the amount of time each driver needs for vehicle maintenance, for example refuelling, and oil and tyre checks. He also has the option, at the end of each route, to call off a software-aided analysis of any deviations from the target specifications and the underlying reasons.

Yet another benefit of the CSB solution is the way it has optimised the company’s management of reusables, replacing lots of paperwork with a faster paperless system.

As Manfred concludes, “The investment in the new solution pays off every day because the quality of our logistical processes for the delivery of our products has increased considerably.” For more information, visit


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