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Artisanal, bespoke treats are the signature creations from Lardiere Fine Foods, with some of the favourites being the Strawberry and Hazelnut Nougat, Truffle Potato Crisps and the Dulcey Biscuits, made using the only blonde chocolate in the world.


Lardiere Fine Foods started as an online retailer of fine ingredients with the purpose of making the best in class available to chefs in any kitchen.

It now supplies upmarket, boutique hotels with artisanal, bespoke turndown treats which are designed to complement the style of the hotel chef. Using only the finest, high-quality ingredients, Junelle Germishuizen, the pioneer chef and mastermind behind Lardiere, maintains a watchful eye over every hand at work in her Fine Food Studio. This attention to detail ensures that every product is hand-crafted with care in order to satisfy the most discerning of palates.

Lardiere caters for the international guest who expects quality as a minimum, and will also delight the award-winning hotel chef who can rest assured that the quality created in their kitchen will resonate throughout the house. Lardiere Room Treats offer an exceptional range of flavours and even cater toward need specific dietary requirements, for example, gluten-free.

A superior level of care is baked into every treat in the Lardiere Product Range. International guests expect the nutritional information available on all Lardiere packaging, and Hotel Managers are also afforded the peace of mind provided by Lardiere’s multi-linguistic product name, which is now available in five different languages. Over and above the product selection, each boutique’s packaging can be completely customised and branded in the house logo and colour scheme.

Health and sustainability feature high on the menu. Each product is freshly sealed using a unique nitrogen blasting process to remove any traces of oxygen and is kept fresh for six to eight weeks. Lardiere Room Treats are individually sealed in biodegradable packaging made from corn flour that can biodegrade in the kitchen compost in under 90 days.

“Fine food is small batch produced with the best quality ingredients ensuring that the end result is newsworthy. This philosophy is what we inject into our company culture and product manufacturing,” says Chef Junelle.

Lardiere Room Treats were born from the philosophy that the best food is made from the best ingredients, and Chef Junelle is uncompromising in her standard. This exceptional standard is obvious in her esteemed client list: The Saxon, Rovos Rail, The Silo Hotel and The Westcliff all number in her frequent orders. Some of the favourites are the Strawberry and Hazelnut Nougat, Truffle Potato Crisps and the Dulcey Biscuits, which are made using the only blonde chocolate in the world.

“Junelle’s efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability she demonstrates with each delivery, and the way she conducts the business as a whole, we sincerely appreciate. We have and will continue to recommend these products to other companies and contacts, and we look forward to continuing this relationship,” comments Michelle Ferreira, Head of Food and Beverage, Rovos Rail.

Lardiere Fine Foods now operates from a newly built factory called their Fine Food Studio, situated in Pretoria. Here, all the products from the Lardiere range are carefully created and freshly hand-packed into the Room Treats that guests will later feast on.

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