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PACE Steel Belt Systems Implements Cutting-Edge Fully Automatic Tracking System



PACE Steel Belt Systems Implements Cutting-Edge Fully Automatic Tracking System for Renowned Bakery in Cornwall


PACE Steel Belt Systems, a global leader in providing innovative conveyor solutions, is thrilled to announce the successful installation of its state-of-the-art fully automatic tracking system known as PACEMatic at a well known bakery in Cornwall. This project marks a significant advancement in the bakeries’ production capabilities, ensuring enhanced efficiency, reliability, and quality in their manufacturing process.

The new fully automatic tracking system represents PACE’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of steel belt conveyor technology. Developed with cutting edge features and unparalleled precision, this tracking system guarantees seamless operation and maximum performance for the bakeries business critical continuous ovens.

Key Features of the PACEMatic System Are:

1. Precise Belt Alignment: The fully automatic tracking system employs advanced sensors and intelligent controls to maintain extremely accurate belt alignment. This feature ensures the oven band stays central and prevents deviation from pre-set positions preventing belt wander that may lead to belt edge damage and product jams.

2. Self-Correcting System: Should the tracking system detect any deviations in belt alignment, it instantaneously initiates a self-correcting process which re-centralizes the belt. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable production hours for the bakery.

3. Enhanced Production Efficiency: By automating the belt tracking process, the bakery benefits from a continuous and uninterrupted production flow. This optimization translates into increased throughput and faster turnaround times, contributing to overall cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. Not to mention extension of oven band life.

4. Seamless Integration: The PACEMatic is designed to integrate effortlessly with the existing conveyor systems and controls. Its modular “plug and play” design allows for relatively easy installation, avoiding too much disruption to surrounding operations during the upgrade or installation process.

Paul Lawson, CEO of PACE Steel Belt Systems, expressed his delight about the successful implementation: “We are thrilled to partner with this renowned bakery in Cornwall and empower them with our advanced fully automatic tracking system for the second time. The PACEMatic system aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver innovative conveyor technology that enhances productivity and maximizes efficiency for our customers.”

With a proven track record in providing reliable conveyor solutions for industries throughout Europe and further afield across the globe, PACE Steel Belt Systems remains dedicated to developing pioneering technologies that set new industry benchmarks.

The collaboration with the bakery in Cornwall exemplifies the company’s commitment to offering tailor-made solutions that address specific manufacturing challenges. This latest installation further enforces PACE’s credentials across Europe for the effective implementation of high-quality steel belts for bakeries.

The bakeries’ management also expressed their enthusiasm for the new installation. They mentioned “The partnership with PACE Steel Belt Systems has been exceptional. The PACEMatic has already demonstrated its immense value in streamlining our production processes.

We are confident that this investment will help us to achieve even greater success in the future and hope to implement these systems throughout the factory in the future”.

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