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‘One AECI, for a better world’ is a bold, new beginning in the history of our company which goes back to the discovery of gold in Johannesburg in 1886.

We’re now one brand with four key areas or business ‘pillars’ which address many of the challenges faced in the world today, such as sustainability in mining, water scarcity, food security and green chemistry. ‘One AECI’ leverages the knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial flair of 7 000 employees around the globe in shaping ‘a better world’.

Hunger and malnutrition affect almost one-third of the population globally and one in nine people are under-nourished. AECI Food & Beverage is dedicated to making a difference in addressing these realities. At the same time, we provide functional nutrition that helps consumers use food to combat and prevent disease and make healthier choices. Alternative proteins and plant-based foods are just two examples.

There is a rapidly growing “protein gap”, with demand for meat substitutes expected to rise 70% by 2050.

Production of the most viable plant-based protein alternatives requires 95% less land and 74% less water than meat sources. They also emit 87% less greenhouse gases than the milk and meat protein industry.

Our business purpose is aligned to three key UN Sustainable Development goals, namely zero hunger (SDG 2), good health and wellbeing (SDG 3) and responsible consumption and production (SDG 12).

Innovation is a fundamental at AECI Food & Beverage and is reflected in investments such as a world-class Dairy Application Centre, Sweet and Savoury laboratories and a Beverages Pilot Plant. At the same time, the focus on quality in all our operations is unwavering. Our products reach customers in in 26 countries on the African continent and in selected other markets further afield.


Dairy / Beverages / Health & Nutrition / Bakery / Commodities and Process Additives

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