Gloves on, or gloves off?


The global COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown of many countries in the world, including
South Africa, has really put hand hygiene in the spotlight. Which, as a hygiene services provider, is where Initial has always maintained it should be.




Floorshield Systems


The company has been installing heavy duty industrial floors for the last 22 years, with 70 years of management experience. We are a specialised applicator of Polyurethane and Epoxy floors.


Bühler invites to virtual interpack tradeshow


The interpack tradeshow in Düsseldorf, Germany, is an important milestone for the consumer foods industry, taking place every three years. As is the case with many events and tradeshows in the last weeks, interpack has been postponed in order to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. 




Franz de Waal, Hostex 2020 ambassador



Inspiring young chefs to dream big and tackle change – 
Franz de Waal, Hostex 2020 ambassador, Owner of Hashtag Hot Caterers, Rome Around Mobile Food Bars, chef, catering specialist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and helicopter pilot





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