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Refrigeration and Refrigerated Cabinets

Africhill 011-396-2402 www.aboard.co.za
Apex Strip Curtains 011-452-8723  www.apexstrip.co.za
BMPE 011-664-8212  www.bmpe.co.za
Coldex 021-385-1020   www.coldex.co.za
Concord Refrigeration 021-555-9000  www.concordrefrigeration.co.za
Cool Maintenance 021-945-1070   www.coolmaintenance.com
Cool Displays 021-852-2710   www.cooldisplays.co.z
Dale Automation 011-462-0044  www.daleautomation.co.za
Echo Coldrooms 012-803-9490   www.echocoldrooms.co.za
Electrical Industries 021-511-8177   www.electricalindustries.co.za
GEA Refrigeration 021-555-9000  www.gea.com
Insulated Structures 011-462-2130  www.insulatedstructures.co.za
Marel 011-823-6940   www.marel.com
Matador Refrigeration 011-314-2880  www.matadorsa.com
Maxiflex 011-392-1709   www.maxiflex.co.za
Serco 031-508-1000  www.serco.co.za
Vulcan Catering 011-249-8500  www.vulcan.co.za
Willouw Industries 021-534-9585  
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