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With healthy breads still very much in favour, suppliers are busy making sure you’re catering to consumer demands.



Although white bread is still a staple diet in many households it is far more rewarding to write about interesting breads that come out of the artesian stable. It is definitely the health bread category that is showing a real uplift.

The market for seeded breads has grown exponentially, a clear indication that shoppers are bringing variety back into their shopping basket. This has heralded several intriguing ingredient launches for breads with a healthier profile. Low-GI, healthy eating and wholegrains with added flavour and texture are back on top. The more informed consumer is seeking a choice of healthy bread-eating options for all occasions and to suit the tastes of the family.


There are a number of different options on offer, the easiest by far being the Ready-to-bake or baked-frozen products. A foremost company in this area of expertise is DF Bakery who offer a customized range of baguettes, ciabattas, breads & rolls. Rich’s is another company who offer a range of rustic artesian breads in the Ready-to-bake or baked frozen stable.

Bakeries that rely on premixes for all, or a significant portion of their bread production reduce, or eliminate, certain bakery functions. These include the ordering, storing, rotation and inventory control of ingredients needed for “from scratch” bread baking. Bread premixes also eliminate the need for the weighing and measuring of ingredients necessary to create diverse breads.

Eliminating these functions contributes to savings for a bakery from a time and labour-cost perspective. With greater consistency of product through exact formulations, bakeries can also reduce the amount of sub-standard product produced. This further contributes to the bottom line, as there is less waste, which can inflate bakery costs quicker than proofing yeast.

The convenience and preciseness of premix formulations mean greater, and more consistent, bakery output. The wide variety of bread premixes now available, especially in the artisan range, promotes a greater selection of quality breads, bakers can offer their customers.

Bread premixes also enable bakeries to launch new products without investing inordinate amounts of time on research and development activities. Complete bread premixes provide bakers with all the ingredients they need, except water and occasionally yeast. Bread bases and concentrates allow bakers to use their own bulk ingredients. These include flour and sugar.


Bread premixes are available for a host of traditional breads common to consumers’ kitchen tables. These are the white breads, cracked wheat, whole wheat, raisin and cinnamon breads typically used for sandwiches or as accompaniments to breakfast, lunch, and dinner main dishes.

However, there’s a growing trend towards fine artisan bread mixes that produce elegant, rustic, and a host of other kinds of specialty loaves. What’s interesting about these premixes is the broad spectrum of ingredients that are now a part of them. No longer are the use of different herbs, seeds, and other ingredients in bread baking the reserve of scratch bakers. They are now a part of breads in any type of bakery process. They allow bakery employees with less experience and formal scratch baking knowledge to produce quality artisan breads.

Artisan bread premixes that contain various herbs abound. These include tomato-basil bread premixes, rosemary, Italian mix, and dill rye mixes. Of course, a baker can buy a basic bread premix and add herbs and spices of their own choice to control some of the creative aspect of bread baking. For seeds, sunflower, sesame, linseed, fennel, poppy, and flax, are popular ingredients in premixes.

Ingredients such as olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and pimento are also options for adding to basic bread mixes to create artisan breads. Peppadew is a South African grown ingredient finding its way more and more into baking and cooking worldwide. Peppadew is the brand name of sweet piquanté peppers. These peppers grow in the Limpopo province of the country and can be used in a number of novel and interesting ways.

The choice is virtually endless when it comes to ready-to-use artisan bread premixes and ingredients.

Supreme Flour – Established in 1919, SUPREME has grown steadily to become one of South Africa’s most loved and trusted flour brands for professional and home bakers alike. Known and respected for their consistent quality, expertise and service, SUPREME is enjoyed in delicious food products by hundreds of thousands of South Africans every single day.

SUPREME Flour provides a wide and versatile variety of bread, buns, rolls and confectionary prepared mixes to meet the needs of any bakery. Expertly formulated for ease-of-use, their prepared mixes produce batch after batch of consistently outstanding results for everyday baking.

The SUPREME prepared mix range includes – White Bread Mix, Brown Bread Mix, Silky Soft White Mix, Silky Soft Brown Mix, Crispy Crust Bread & Roll Mix and Sweet and Light Bun Dough Mix.

The SUPREME Wheat flour range includes – Cake Wheat Flour, White Bread Wheat Flour, Brown Bread Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Multi-Pro Cake Wheat Flour, Hi-Ratio Cake Wheat Flour.

The SUPREME specialist range includes Turbo 5% Bread Concentrate

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South Bakels – Are you looking for the best quality bakery ingredients for your bakery business? Look no further than South Bakels, the market leader in the supply of bakery ingredients in South Africa. With over 75 years of experience our products are trusted by some of the biggest bakery brands in the country.

At South Bakels, we understand that the bakery industry demands high-quality ingredients to create products that are convenient, delicious and are visually appealing. That’s why we have a team of experts who have developed a wide range of bakery ingredients that cater to different tastes and needs and innovative products that meet the ever-changing demands of the market.


Our products are also rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Our speciality bread range is just one of our ranges that sets us apart from our competitors. This range includes rye bread, ciabatta, seeded bread, and many other unique and also local varieties that are sure to impress your customers.

Each of our speciality bread variants is made using high-quality ingredients, which ensures that our bread has a distinctive texture and flavour that sets it apart from regular bread. Speciality bread is an excellent option for customers who are looking for something different from the typical white or brown bread. These bread variants are usually made with unique ingredients such as herbs, spices, or seeds, which gives them a distinct and flavourful taste.

Besides their unique taste, speciality bread has several other advantages. They are typically made with whole grain flour, which means that they are more nutritious than regular bread. They are also higher in fiber, which can help with digestion and weight management.

Some speciality bread variants are also known for having a lower glycemic index, which means that they can help regulate blood sugar levels. So, if you want to offer your customers something unique and healthy, try our speciality bread range.

At South Bakels, we are committed to providing you with the best quality bakery ingredients that will help you take your bakery to the next level. So, whether you are a small craft bakery or a large commercial bakery, South Bakels has the bakery ingredients that you need to create delicious and unique products that your customers will love.

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Millstone Flour – “The Millstone flour range is FCC22000 accredited with Halaal and Kosher certification. We mill a high protein, GMO free blend of imported wheats through our stoneground mill and by strategically milling the whole wheat kernel, our stoneground flour range achieves a high in fibre, coarse, bleach free flour with a high water absorption calculating into a higher yield!

Every consistent bake will present a unique nutty taste, open crumb structure and a rustic artisanal look for any baker or chef at home, instore or in an industrial plant manufacturing for retail.

Due to the precise characteristics of Farina00 flour we mill our Millstone Farina00 specialty flour to specification with our, one of a kind in RSA, Italian golfetto mill. This ensures our customers receive a 00 flour with the same or better properties compared to imported 00 flour.

Besides our National footprint via our distribution partners, we specialize in the B2B market segment and have a dedicated passionate technical and RND team who develop our range of clean label, safe and cost-effective baking solutions in this strenuous economic climate with a state-of-the-art blending facility which can blend and pack complete mix solutions to any customer specification and IP in industrial pack sizes.

The Millstone and Just Flour brands each have an extended range of baking solutions from complete mixes to flour milled to individual customer specs, every batch gets baked and tested in our onsite Lab and bakery facility to ensure we deliver a consistent product every time.

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Eureka Mills – based near Heidelberg in the Western Cape, produces unbleached stone ground flour. It offers white bread flour, brown bread flour, cake flour, whole meal flour, and crushed rye and rye flour, in 2.5kg and 12.5kg packages. All products are distributed nationally and are available from leading retailers.

Our exciting Easy Home Mix range brings you our high quality, stoneground flour (which you know and love) with a new, convenient twist. All you need to prepare one of these homemade delights is your Eureka Mills Easy Home Mix and simple pantry ingredients such as eggs, butter and oil.

Many of the recipes need only water! The instructions on the back of the pack are easy to follow and you can prepare these mixes in a flash. With the Easy Home Mix Range, you can make flawless home baked goodies which are easy to prepare and taste lekker.

Ideal to take along camping; perfect for a braai or to whip up when you are entertaining at home. Try the whole range – you won’t be able to pick a favourite.

The Easy Home Mix Range includes –
Roosterkoek Easy Home Mix, Potbrood Easy Home Mix, Vetkoek Easy Home Mix, Pizza Base Easy Home Mix, Beer Bread Easy Home Mix, Buttermilk Rusks Easy Home Mix and Focaccia Easy Home Mix.

Austrian Premix prides itself on being different and creates their mixes according to a long and proud tradition, using only the best natural ingredients. Their focus is on rye breads and specialty breads and the unique premixes make it possible to produce specialty breads commercially or in very small batches.

Austrian Premix manufactures and distributes a wide range of full Pre-Mixes, “ingredients”, cocktails and baking additives, particularly in the line of specialty rye breads (using imported central European rye flour), artisan breads, specialty breads and rolls, convenience products and ingredients and bakery consumables to independent and in-store bakeries, chain stores, franchises, plant bakeries, biscuit factories, pie producers and the Frozen-and par baked industry.

Austrian Premix has at its disposal the full know-how of Backaldrin/Austria, which is the top quality producer of baking additives in Europe.


African Food Industries (AFI) – AFI produces customized ingredients, systems blends, concentrates, compounds and preparations, which combined with the technical expertise and practical skill within the respective sales organizations, provides our customers with a total solution when developing new products. Activities are maintained by Synercore’s commitment to employ the best people in food science and from the trades, with proven experience in multitudes of applications..

Bakery & Bread
Our broad and versatile range of enzymes, emulsifiers, improver systems blends, complete blends, and hydrocolloids provide the flexibility to improve freshness, softening, volume, taste and texture while optimizing process efficiency.

• Enzyme Blends for Flour Correctors, Bread concentrates, Bun & Roll concentrates, Tortilla, Wraps and Flat Bread concentrates
• Improvers for Buns & Rolls, Ciabatta, Sandwich and Pan Bread and Flour Correcting
• Emulsifier Blends for Bread Softness, Dough Strengthener, Specialty Breads, Extended Shelflife
• Premix for Sponge, Sweet Bun Pastes, Scone, Baking Powder, Pizza, Bread
• Functional Ingredients – Gluten, Calcium Propionate, Soya Flour
• Technical Services for Controlling Process Plant settings, Troubleshooting Baking Issues, Project Management, Heat transfer Profiles – Ovens, Proovers and Product

Anchor – The Full / Part flour mixes consists of a range of sweet and savoury premixes for the production of a variety of fancy breads, rolls and confectionery products. These niche flour mixes offer ease of use and convenience. A great selection of flavours to choose from.

Anchor’s range of artisan bread premixes include Instant Ciabatta Bread Mix, Mielie Bread Mix, Rye Bread Mix, Multi Cereal Bread Mix, French Onion Bread Mix, Mexican Bread Mix, Jalapeno Bread Mix and Thai Bread Mix


Today, consumers are increasingly looking for “clean label” foods and healthier alternatives. This applies to baked goods, and especially artisan breads, which by definition entails time-honoured wholesome goodness. Therefore, the trend in artisan breads will focus on healthy ingredients and reduced levels of salt, fat, and sugars and the premixes will continue to offer fibre, vitamins, and minerals in mixes that maintain their flavour quality.

One option available to bakery enterprises is to work with a custom blender who will turn a baker’s recipe into a premix. What results is a mix of special ingredients including leaveners, flavours, colours, enhancers, spices, dried fruit, and many other ingredients.

A baker then simply adds the flour and liquids. However, the premix is formulated from their original scratch recipe – it’s a customised artisan premix all the way – according to the baker’s specifications. This simplifies subsequent production runs down the road for the bakery, while still allowing them to produce their own unique artisan creations.


Trends in artisan bread premixes will also continue to focus on new ingredients including those that are not always or readily available in certain regions. They will also focus on extended shelf life and textural ingredients. In addition, premix manufacturers will also want to maintain the ‘creative’ aspect in baking, as they know this is the heart of a baker’s craft.

Therefore they will continue to work on formulations of premixes that will allow modification by the baker. This is necessary so that premix artisan breads will still have the stamp of an individual baker’s recipe preferences in them.

Bread premixes certainly are promoting greater bakery efficiency and variety. Today, your bakery can offer an extensive range of premix-made artisan breads as part of your product line up, without the need for intensive training of employees in complex “from scratch” baking processes.

The third option is of course to make these interesting and exciting breads from scratch, however for some the chasm between craft baking and what can be so easily created by the addition of flour and water is incalculable. Notwithstanding there are still those seekers of perfection who will garner together all the individual ingredients and create their own signature breads.

Whichever route our bakeries choose to adopt, they can rest assured that there is an increased growth in demand for premium products and in particular Continental- style breads.

In the end, efficiency of operations, via premier products produced with less labour costs, is what will help many bakery operations survive the current economic conditions.

Happy Baking…..


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