Benefits of automating the procure-to-payment process

* Have you ever run out of stock and wish you hadn’t?
* Are shoppers complaining their products are not available?
* Are you interested in streamlining your order processing and reducing manual errors?


Out of stock is an age-old problem and enemy number one of a retailer. If your answer is ‘yes’ to the questions above, then it’s time to implement Arch eReplenish in your business.

Using eReplenish for placing orders offers several benefits to the retailer:

Efficient and accurate data transfer: eReplenish enables businesses to exchange order information electronically, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This automated process reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur during manual transcription, leading to more accurate and reliable order processing.

Time and cost savings: By automating the order placement process, eReplenish reduces the time and effort required to complete transactions. It eliminates the need for paper-based documentation, such as purchase orders and invoices, as well as manual handling, printing and mailing costs. This streamlines the order fulfilment cycle, resulting in faster processing times and improved operational efficiency.

Improved order processing speed: eReplenish facilitates real-time or near real-time communication. Orders can be transmitted and processed quickly, reducing lead times and enabling faster order fulfilment.

Standardised data format: eReplenish relies on standardised formats and protocols for data exchange, ensuring compatibility between different systems and reducing the need for manual intervention. This standardisation streamlines communication and collaboration between business partners, regardless of their individual technology platforms.

Improved supply chain visibility: Businesses gain better visibility into their supply chains. Real-time order status updates, shipment tracking and electronic notifications provide comprehensive and timely information, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes or delays. This increased visibility enhances supply chain management and fosters stronger relationships with suppliers and customers.
Satisfied business partners using eReplenish include OK Foods, President Hyper, Ultra Liquors and Food Lovers Market.



Arch Retail Solutions is a leading player in the southern African retail market, where Arch eReplenish is one solution in the suite of integrated management solutions offered.




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