Campden BRI Trains the Bakery Industry Professionals in 2017

Campden BRI Trains the Bakery Industry Professionals in 2017
British specialist Campden BRI prepares a series of training sessions dedicated to the baking industry this year.

Principles of Baking is a course made up of four self-contained modular training days, each being aimed at exploring how ingredients and processes can influence the quality of baked products: 1. Bread, 2. Cakes, 3. Biscuits. 4. Pastry and Laminated Goods.
Next Date: 20-23 June 2017

Bread Science & Technology is a course showing delegates the importance of ingredients and their functionality, and the impact of processing on dough. They will gain an understanding of the energy input in the processing of dough and its effects on product quality. Practical sessions will demonstrate the impact ingredients have on the effect of mixing.
Next Date: 17-19 October 2017

Cake Science & Technology is a course which that will cover the impact of fat in batter systems, additives and clean label, the importance of ingredients and flour, and sugar variations.
Next Date: 14-16 November 2017

Biscuit Science & Technology is the counterpart of the “Bread Science and Technology” course, with a focus on biscuits.
Next Date: 28-30 November 2017

One-day courses are dedicated to “Biscuit – Practical Skills”, “Bread – Practical Skills”, “Cake – Practical Skills”, “Cereal Science and Technology”, “Chorleywood Bread Process”, “Enzymes for bakery products”, “Gluten-free bakery products”, “Pastry – Practical Skills” and “Sourdough Technology”.

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