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Chiorino manufactures conveyor, flat transmission and process belts that fully comply with the latest European and international food regulations. 

These products are particularly recommended for HACCP systems.

Confronting new challenges and hitting increasingly ambitious targets, requires synergy and collaboration between company departments, customers and suppliers. Chiorino’s philosophy is to enhance the valued contribution of all stakeholders.

HP ( High Performance ) belts offer increased resistance to high-temperatures compared to traditional polyurethane belts. It maintains its characteristics even at the lower temperatures. It also offers excellent resistance to chemical agents, fats and aggressive oils, including palm and coconut oil.

Resistance to abrasive cleaning systems

Thanks to the high resistance to hydrolysis, HP belts do not deteriorate. Users can benefit from the belt’s long service life and significant cost reduction. HP belts offer considerable water, time and energy savings including ‘clean in place’. High hygiene levels are also assured since most food scraps are easily removed during the cleaning and sanitisation processes.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance food belts, HP belts and HP compact drive, along with our sole-distributorship of Modutech Modular Conveyor range – for processing of meat, fish and poultry throughout the production chain.

The careful selection of raw materials, the constant adjustment by research and development department to the legislative developments in food safety, the strict controls throughout the production process ( good manufacturing practices ) guarantee total food compliance of Chiorino belts.

Declarations of compliance, as prescribed by law, are available for every Chiorino food belt. Customers are certain to use materials that fully comply with the HACCP system.

‘Our aspiration is to be a dynamic company that is constantly evolving. We also aim to be a reliable partner whose mission is total customer satisfaction. Innovative prospects, winning entrepreneurial choices and a top-level production division have made Chiorino a leader in the production of conveyor and transmission belts,’.

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