Customizable Spiral Cage Conveyor Belts for Baking


Cambridge Engineered Solutions, the world’s largest manufacturer of metal conveyor belts, unveiled Variable Cambri-Link® and Variable DuraLite®, two of the most highly customizable conveyor belts available for spiral cage applications to proof, cool and freeze baked goods such as bagels, breads and pizza shells as well as packaged foods, including ice cream and frozen entrees, at the recent International Baking Industry Exhibition (IBIE 2016).

The two patented products – both adaptations of existing fixed-size Cambridge belts – allow end-users to specify desired opening widths during Cambridge factory production to achieve the correct support, air-flow and strength-to-weight ratio for specific products.

This variability allows customers to configure the belt to increase balance and air flow and specify the support they desire. It eliminates excess metal and therefore reduces energy cost and time during cooling and freezing processes. The company says no other spiral cage belt achieves a higher-rated strength-to-weight ratio or similar energy efficiency.

Variable DuraLite was originally designed in cooperation with equipment manufacturer I.J. White Systems for Aunt Millie’s Pretzels. It was subsequently installed on spiral cage conveyor systems for Bimbo and Pepperidge Farms, and Cambridge is now making the variable capability available for all its customers to demonstrates the company’s willingness to work directly with customers to develop customized solutions that address the challenges they face to increase throughput and reduce operating costs.

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