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Delite Foods is delighted to offer you our range of sophisticated flavours, designed for those who like good food and also those with catering, restaurant or small food manufacturing businesses.



The range can be seen on , which also includes the DASH OF range of very high quality, strong food flavours and colours designed for a wide market, for example, the home-chef, catering, hospitality and other food businesses.

We have 62 exciting flavours, such as Hazelnut, Gin, Mango, Lemon Cream, Whisky, Mushroom, Cucumber and Parmesan.

We can pack into 1 litre, 5 litre or larger sizes. For those who need more!

Available in 20 ml bottles on the Delite Foods website:

ALMOND – Almond essence type, Marzipan note                  
ANISEED – Sweet liquorice note, fennel booster
APPLE PIE – Baked apples, cinnamon and cream
BANANA – Fresh and fruity banana
BANANA BREAD – Freshly baked
BLACKCURRANT – Great berry notes
BLACK OLIVE – Fantastic Mediterranean flavour
BLUEBERRY – True to the fruit, blueberry muffins
BRANDY – Good, strong notes
BUBBLEGUM – Children love it!
BUTTER – Warm and comforting flavour
BUTTER CREAM – Superb flavour for all baking
CAPPUCCINO – Traditional coffee with creamy vanilla
CARAMEL – Rich, tinned caramel, Dulce de Leche
CHAI (BUNSPICE) – Delicious aromatic spicy notes
CHERRY – Fruity black cherry
CHOCOLATE – Rich chocolate notes
COCONUT – Baking, sauces, curries
CONDENSED MILK – Add richness to many dishes
CREAM SODA – A South African favourite
CUCUMBER – Light and refreshing
CURRY – Liven up your dishes
ENGLISH TOFFEE – – Toffee with caramel notes
FRIED RED ONION – Pairs well with most savoury dishes
GARLIC – Fantastic booster for all savoury dishes
GIN – Authentic enhancer for all recipes
GINGER – Zingy ginger booster
Gorgonzola – Fabulous in sauces, pastas, pizzas
GUAVA – True to the pink guava, highly aromatic
HAZELNUT – Traditional European hazelnut
HONEY – Sweet, warm and inviting

IRISH CREAM – Try it in mocktails!
KIWI – Fruity and Fresh
LEMON – Light, fresh lemon, water soluble
LEMON CREAM OIL – Lemon notes with a creamy background
LIME OIL – Fresh and zesty
LICHI – Wonderful soft fruity notes
MANGO – Deliciously ripe African mango
MAPLE – Sweet and lush
MARSHMALLOW – Great fun flavour
MELON – Delicious and fruity
MUSHROOM – Umami, for soups, sauces and meats
NAARTJIE OIL – Zingy booster
NOUGAT – True to smell and taste
ORANGE – Juicy, water soluble
ORANGE OIL – Robust and sweet
PARMESAN – Wonderful “Italian” tingle
PASSION FRUIT – Fruity, ripe and sharp
PEACH & APRICOT – Reminders of summer days
PEANUT BUTTER – Great creamy taste
PEAR – Fruity, pure and true to the flavour
PEPPERMINT OIL – Strong peppermint note
PINEAPPLE – Juicy and lively
RASPBERRY – Fresh and ripe
ROSE – Fabulous addition to Falooda
RUM DARK – True robust flavour
SEAFOOD – Make an ordinary dish extraordinary
SMOKE – Strong smoky note
STRAWBERRY – Ripe and delicious
VANILLA – Traditional and true
VANILLA CUSTARD – Creamy and morish
WHISKY – Strong whisky note


Delite Foods
PO Box 617, Noordhoek 7979 • South Africa
Tel: 021 702 0721• Cell: 083 500 3828
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