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Delite Foods was started in 1990 as a company catering for the diabetic and sugar-averse markets.



Its major strengths include superb product formulation knowledge and with obesity and diabetes becoming very serious problems in this country our product range is eminently suitable to counteract these issues.

We are a small but energetic company with a passion for quality and good service and most of our products are manufactured with our own recipes.

The TANTALIZE range, is extensive and varied and caters for all those who want a healthier lifestyle, are diabetic, want to lose weight, have heart problems and include Jellies, Drinks, a decadently delicious chocolate drink, desserts, biscuits, sweeteners, instant Custards, Jams, Flavoured Syrups , sugar alternatives such as Xylitol….and more.


The range can be seen on , which also includes the DASH OF range of very high quality, strong food flavours (over 60 flavours) and colours designed for a wide market, for example, the home-chef, catering, hospitality and other food businesses.

You will also see the category Food Ingredients which is used by customers who do not want to purchase in large quantities, such as preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, emulsifiers, flavours, acids, etc.

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