Epoxy Flooring Systems



Epoxy Flooring Systems – are the industrial flooring specialists, dedicated to providing long-term, effective flooring solutions specifically tailored to suit all business requirements.



Epoxy Flooring Systems, started in the business of protective floor coatings in 2001 and today are one of the few, ISO 9001 certified companies, in the business, providing epoxy and polyurethane resin-based flooring solutions to both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Our suite of services is comprehensive and covers all specifications and requirements in industrial flooring systems. This includes for the design, manufacture and installation of specialist, stainless steel drainage systems.

We have a large team o permanently employed industrial flooring specialists, all on-hand to carry out the vital applications required when installing industrial flooring systems to the highest industry standards.

Our industrial flooring systems are world-class, and whether you are a large, medium or small enterprise, our highly-trained industrial flooring specialists will ensure you get the results you expect.

Epoxy Flooring Systems – delivering flooring you can depend on since 2001.

At Epoxy Flooring Systems, we are fully equipped to provide only the most expert service in epoxy floor installation.

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