Our expertise and industry knowledge has allowed Floorshield to attain the highest quality work and maintain its position at the highest level within the heavy duty flooring market.

Our culture, expertise and knowledge have allowed the company to focus on industry specific projects that require the highest levels of quality and professionalism. Floorshield is able to specify, support and expedite its objectives to completion, in a timely and efficient way to the benefits of all parties involved.

Floorshield takes pride in the fact that it provides quality floor finishes with a sound back-up and support infrastructure from our suppliers. Our back-to-back guarantee provides client piece of mind and results in the cost of ownership representing true value.

Listed below are the types of flooring systems that we offer. Each of these flooring systems is produced in one of our seven brands (Sika, Technical Finishes, Stoncor, BASF, Mapei, Flowcrete, Silikal):

• 4-12mm Urethane – heavy duty flooring both decorative and mono.
• 1-4mm Self -Levelling Epoxy – decorative as well as aesthetically looking
• Roll-down Coatings
• Chemical Resistant systems
• Quick set MMA systems – systems that cure in 1 hour and can be applied in areas as cold as -20 degrees
• Stonecarpet – seamless power-floated quartz flooring

The specific working requirements of the food and beverage industry are well understood by Floorshield and can advise accordingly as well as how and when the application can occur around the operational requirements.

Our References underlines and supports our claim as being one of the most efficient, reliable and professional companies in Southern Africa to undertake this project in terms of size, nature and specification. We service a number of food and beverage companies, where we are continuously upgrading their old plants to the specifications.

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