Intelligent ovens for smaller operations

Food service in small operations such as delis, forecourts, supermarkets, coffee shops, or similar outlets tends to be a fast-paced and demanding, though a lucrative part of the overall offering. Providing a range of foods that appeal to specific customers at different times of the day or night requires good planning and optimal food preparation.

FoodServ Solutions, a leader in the manufacture and distribution of food service equipment, is launching the new easy-to-use and multi-functional RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter XS oven, which has been developed by German-based leaders in hot food preparation for industrial kitchens, RATIONAL. The oven is ideal for food service outlets with limited space, taking up only 0.2m3 of space and measuring 55.5cm deep, 65.5cm wide and 56.7cm high.

Athol Stewart, MD of FoodServ Solutions, is enthusiastic about the introduction of this ‘intelligent’ small-sized oven. “We’ve had great success with RATIONAL ovens in South Africa, and in particular the SelfCookingCenter range, which can grill, steam, fry, gratinate and bake all types of food gently and to the perfect quality. This XS version now offers the full range of features and performance to smaller food service operations, with all the benefits.

Like the bigger versions, the SelfCookingCenter XS is equipped with a fresh steam generator and other features such as iCookingControl, which is intelligent support for the chef who senses and recognises the sizes, load quantity and condition of products. It calculates the appropriate browning by itself, and according to the desired result, making the necessary decisions and adjusting the temperature, cooking time, air speed and cooking cabinet climate to best suit the food requirements. The XS also offers iLevelControl, the assistant for optional mixed loading; HiDensityControl, which guarantees top food quality and maximum uniformity through the best performance and precise regulation of cooking chamber conditions; as well as Efficient CareControl, for automatic cleaning and descaling.

The SelfCookingCenter XS is ideally suited for use as a station unit in à la carte restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations or other food service outlets, as a single or additional unit. It can be built-in, wall-mounted or installed as a standalone unit, and will produce delicious snacks, take-away dishes and baked goods, as well as healthy lunchtime dishes.

“Also particularly beneficial for smaller food service operators where staff turnover can sometimes be relatively high is the extreme user-friendliness of the XS SelfCookingCenter,” adds Stewart. “Even staff with little or no kitchen experience are able to operate this oven with excellent results.”

A full range of cooking accessories is available for the SelfCookingCenter XS to provide optimal support for preparing all types of foods. These include the grilling and pizza tray; the cross and stripe grill grate for grilling vegetables, steaks or fish; the roasting and baking trays for bread rolls, Danish pastries, pan-fried and breaded products; as well as the Multibaker, which is ideal for fried eggs, omelettes, hash browns, and tortilla Española. Also available is a high-performance and elegant circulating condensate hood to match any design and application, which can be used in front cooking areas.

The unit also features an integrated LED lighting that allows kitchen staff to clearly see the browning level of roast chicken or bread rolls, which is also appealing to customers when the unit is in front cooking areas. The triple-glazed energy-efficient door and heat-reflective coating significantly reduces energy losses through the door. The start screen has a faster CPU than previous models and the new SelfCookingCenter is now even more convenient to operate.


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