Millstone Flour


“The Millstone flour range is FCC22000 accredited with Halaal and Kosher certification. We mill a high protein, GMO free blend of imported wheats through our stoneground mill and by strategically milling the whole wheat kernel, our stoneground flour range achieves a high in fibre, coarse, bleach free flour with a high water absorption calculating into a higher yield!

Every consistent bake will present a unique nutty taste, open crumb structure and a rustic artisanal look for any baker or chef at home, instore or in an industrial plant manufacturing for retail.

Due to the precise characteristics of Farina00 flour we mill our Millstone Farina00 specialty flour to specification with our, one of a kind in RSA, Italian golfetto mill. This ensures our customers receive a 00 flour with the same or better properties compared to imported 00 flour.

Besides our National footprint via our distribution partners, we specialize in the B2B market segment and have a dedicated passionate technical and RND team who develop our range of clean label, safe and cost-effective baking solutions in this strenuous economic climate with a state-of-the-art blending facility which can blend and pack complete mix solutions to any customer specification and IP in industrial pack sizes.

The Millstone and Just Flour brands each have an extended range of baking solutions from complete mixes to flour milled to individual customer specs, every batch gets baked and tested in our onsite Lab and bakery facility to ensure we deliver a consistent product every time.

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