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Smart strategies for smaller bakers

Considering the amount of equipment bakers need and the hefty investment involved, it is vital that the right equipment is sourced, that will offer reliability and will function optimally for a considerable period of time.

Even in a small bakery, the amount of equipment required to run an effective and productive bakery operation is considerable. Just some of the essentials include mixers, kneaders, dividers, moulders, provers and ovens. Some additional equipment include utensil washers, tray cleaners, water chillers, pastry sheeters, cake and bread slicers, depanners and delidders, biscuit machines, doughnut fryers, and crate loaders and stackers.

And then there is the specialised equipment, such as oven unloaders, roll makers, depositors, retarder proofers, blast freezer solutions and other handling, conveying, cooling, freezing, packaging and display equipment.

With rising costs and profits under pressure, bakers need quality equipment at affordable prices that will provide a return in the shortest period.

Fortunately, rapid advances in technology have ensured some excellent solutions for bakers that maximise the use of space in a small bakery and ensure advanced technology at affordable prices. An example is the ovens that feature built-in provers, or dividers that also function as molders, for small spaces, and the range of ovens available to suit any specific requirements. The oven options include, for example, rack ovens, cyclothermic ovens, deck ovens, modular deck ovens and convection ovens.


So how do you choose the right equipment? The secret to making your equipment choices work for you for many years, is simply to understand your current and projected future needs, find products that match those needs, buy the very best your budget allows, and then maintain every piece of equipment meticulously.

And in today’s fast-paced high-tech world, it would also be wise to buy equipment that can be upgraded as new models and technologies become available. This will ensure that your equipment will be of value to you for many years and the cost becomes an investment and not just an expensive short-term capital outlay.

For example, modular ovens allow the selected oven to grow with your bakery. For example, deck ovens can be built in a combination of 1 to 5 decks. In addition, individual adjustment of the four heat panel zones on each deck allows the oven to be set for different products.


It is critical that you purchase your equipment from a reputable supplier, who can offer you reliable equipment that includes warranties, after-sales service, maintenance and training. The operators of the equipment should be thoroughly trained, and should study and regularly re-visit the operations manuals.

“You also need to ensure that the equipment is robust and heavy duty, as equipment endures a heavy work over in a baking environment.


The lowest pricing is not necessary the best investment, but the pricing must be competitive and product must not be affected by quality or poor craftsmanship. And, of course, the equipment should be designed with hygiene and easy cleaning in mind to ensure compliance with HACCP principles.

One of the most common problems is that bakers find equipment overseas that meets all their requirements, but after importing the equipment, these bakers find that they are not getting the results they expected. The reason for this is that the ingredients vary from one country and one location to another and this impact the results. For example, the water quality or the gluten content of the flour is not standard around the world.”

This is one of the main reasons why bakers should choose an equipment supplier with experience in both manufacturing and importing equipment.

South African bakers can fortunately depend on the services of several reputable equipment suppliers to help them select the right equipment.

If your budget is tight, you might want to consider refurbished equipment from a reputable supplier.

Suppliers of Ovens and Baking Equipment in South Africa include Welbilt, Caterweb, Macadams, Vulcan, Bakersmate, Southern Bakery Equipment, Bake-Sure, Prenox and MBake to name but a few.

Macadams International – Established in 1904! With almost 120years of experience, Macadams is recognised as a major provider of innovative and technologically sophisticated baking, food service, and packaging solutions across the African continent and key International Markets.

Macadams has been exporting their quality range of manufactured products for over 35 years is perfectly positioned for efficient delivery across Africa and across the globe thanks to its 17,500m² cutting-edge production plant in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Macadams currently services a global base of retail bakery and food players, wholesale bakery and food producers and dealer networks with representation in more than 65 countries across the globe.

Macadams Baking Systems : A wide selection of world class top quality locally manufactured bakery equipment solutions : Rack Ovens, Convection Ovens, Deck Ovens, Confectionery & Dough Mixers, Dividers & Moulders, Provers, Pastry Sheeters, bread slicers and many other types of baking equipment.

Macadam Food Service Solutions : Macadams Food Service Solutions is an O.E.M partner for Rational Combi Ovens as well as the sole representative for many other leading foodservice brands. We offer carefully selected local and international products that are not only functionally fit for purpose but are also cost-effective.

Marsden Bake Ware : Marsden is the oldest & renowned bakeware manufacturer in South Africa. We are Fully ISO 9001 accredited and an Environmentally friendly manufacturing plant. Marsden has a dedicated engineering team dedicated to product innovation & development. We are able to offer Customised pans and trays to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Macadams Automation : Our automation division works with leaders in their fields from all of the world, to bring the best in semi and full automation of baking process to the African continent.

Founded on exceptional customer service, professionalism and dedication, Macadams looks forward to providing the perfect SOLUTION for YOUR business.

Welbilt – Welbilt provides the world’s top chefs, and premier chain operators or growing independents with industry-leading ovens, equipment and solutions.

Our key brands are:


Convotherm offers a full range of combi steamer ovens, designed around your needs in the kitchen: for reduced energy and water consumption, lower operating costs, and fast intuitive operation. Our goal is to deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design.

Brand’s website: https://www.convotherm.com/


From small coffee shops to global chains, from fast casual to fine dining, Merrychef is the first choice for high speed ovens: delivering fresh, hot food on demand.

Merrychef is constantly investing in research and development to reduce order-to-table times, eliminate waste, and expand menus.

Brand’s website: https://www.merrychef.com/


For over 30 years, Lincoln has been producing best-in-class conveyor ovens. Utilizing advanced air impingement technology, Lincoln has revolutionized the way in which foods are cooked. As a result, Lincoln’s high-performance conveyor baking platforms are considered the best in the industry.

Brand’s website: https://www.lincolnfp.com/

For more info please contact John Woodcock on 083 793 1483 or John.Woodcock@welbilt.com


CaterWeb is one of South Africa’s frontrunner suppliers of catering equipment and commercial refrigeration to the hospitality and food industry throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries. From our humble beginnings in 2009; CaterWeb is now a comprehensive “one-stop” shop for all commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration both direct to the public and professional sectors such as bakeries, butcheries, restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, schools, and hospitals.

At CaterWeb, we offer a range of products and services ranging from shop fitting and design to commercial catering equipment and refrigeration, custom-made extraction canopies, custom stainless-steel fabrication, and aftersales service and maintenance. Our extensive online store is complemented by our recently refurbished 2,000 sqm. showroom offering the widest range of commercial catering equipment and small wares from leading manufacturers.

CaterWeb does not compromise on quality and offers the most reputable brands to the end user. Our products are carefully sourced and tested to ensure longevity in a commercial kitchen environment. We take pride in offering not only well-established brands that have stood the test of time but equipment that is durable, efficient, and specifically manufactured for the industrial kitchen. CaterWeb stocks the following brands, but not limited to, Hamilton Beach, Anvil, Trespade, DIHR, Salvadore, Scotsman, Bravilor, Cipriani, Orved, Piron, and Robot Coupe.

CaterWeb’s sales philosophy is that “we can only sell what we know.” We provide continuous training to our sales team to ensure each salesperson is familiar with the range of equipment that we stock. Knowledge is key to be able to thoroughly assist clients and offer viable solutions to establish trusting long-term relationships. We also offer hands-on training and demonstrations of equipment.

Our dedicated, qualified sales team has in-depth knowledge to assist with commercial catering and refrigeration equipment needs. CaterWeb offers the best in service and industry awareness and efficient means for your business to be successful. CaterWeb always strives to provide best value for money. CaterWeb provides first class service to customers; all customers’ orders are treated with urgency, attention, and prompt delivery.

CaterWeb’s state of the art online store showcases one of the widest range of catering equipment products in South Africa. Our website has been redesigned, with customer experience as the primary focus, making it easy for the client to order equipment online with efficient and hassle-free delivery door to door. In fact, we were one of the first catering equipment companies to launch a fully integrated e-commerce website. The website is an essential part to our business, and it has enabled us to reach customers from across Africa. We have had a strong on-line presence since 2010 and continually work on making our presence known. Our website is not dormant but rather a very interactive platform that continuously engages customers 24/7.

Our vision is to help customers fulfil their restauranteur dreams! Our belief is that we do not sell equipment but offer sustainable solutions to the enthusiastic entrepreneurs to ensure proper kitchen flow, maximize equipment output, and ultimately profitability.

CaterWeb strives for excellence in every aspect. From sourcing the high-quality equipment, to providing knowledgeable advice on design and equipment, to delivering and installing the equipment with expediency. CaterWeb’s mission is to provide the correct tools and necessary support customers require to help them plan and create beautiful restaurants, bakeries, and commercial kitchens across South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

Bake-Sure, with its roots from the Netherlands and 4 generations of bakery activities, is proud to be associated with the bakery world.
Situated in South Africa, we reach the globe with the focus on the African continent.

Bake-Sure imports and exports any type of bakery machinery, ovens and related products, including plants and turn-key projects for bread, confectionery, candy and chocolate.

For over 30 years, Bake-Sure has built a network of suppliers for new and used equipment. We are independent and have stood the test of time.

Bakersmate – With more than 45 years in the Bakery and Food Service Equipment industry, Bakersmate has become one of the most respected suppliers in Africa.

Your one-stop solution for all your Bakery, Biscuit and Pie machinery requirements.

We are a family business that believe in personal ‘one on one ‘ service with our clients, be they big or small.

Our owner, Errol Dalgleish, has over 52 years “ Hands On “ experience in the industry and uses this acquired knowledge to ensure our clients are supplied with quality, durable machinery suited to their individual needs. We service clients nationwide as well as across our borders, and deliver anywhere and everywhere.

We are the original designers and manufacturers of our ‘ Bake-a-Tainer ‘ Containerised Bakery Systems, which we have been building & supplying for the last 35 years.

Our Container Bakeries are complete “ Turnkey “ working units, are fitted with all the necessary Industrial Bakery machinery and electrical connections and are ready to bake on delivery.

They comply with all Health authority requirements and are also available in LP Gas models.

They are equipped with our own specially developed Single deck oven & Proofer combination with a capacity of 100 loaves per hour.

This oven operates from standard 220V 1 phase 60 amp electrical supply.

Everything necessary is supplied by us, as well as FREE Professional Training on quality bread baking. The Standard Models consist of capacities ranging from 250 loaves up to 1200 loaves per shift.

Bakersmate / “ PIE-MATE “ manufactures a range of pie production machinery suitable for any pie business – from the small home business producing less than 500 pies per day to larger concerns. The range includes manual and pneumatic blocking and lidding / crimping machines, all manufactured in #304 stainless steel and food grade Polypropylene.

BAKERSMATE also supplies manual & hydraulic dough dividers and manufactures an affordable heavy duty table-top model pastry sheeter which allows for the sheeting of pastry for pies and other products.

For more info contact – Errol 082 490 4413 / Wendy 060 306 1708

Mbake is a BEE company which started as a collaboration between some of the best engineers in the baking industry. Each engineer specialises in a particular area to ensure their customers get quality bakery equipment at a reasonable pricing level.

In addition, the equipment is designed and manufactured to be robust enough to withstand the harsh African conditions and equal European standards, yet is simple to operate so there is no need to employ highly skilled operators.

Easy to maintain, Mbake equipment can be serviced locally and 90% of all spares can be sourced from local electrical, transmission and bearing suppliers. Mbake also specialises in automating small to medium bakeries in pan and product handling.

Prenox offers a comprehensive range of convection ovens, conveyor ovens, baking and pizza ovens, and provers, catering for small and medium companies. All the products and parts are manufactured locally ensuring excellent after-sales service and back-up, including a 12-month guarantee.

Southern Bakery Equipment specializes in the manufacture of new and re-built equipment.

Southern Bakery Equipment cc is able to offer a complete range of both new and factory reconditioned bakery equipment from baking ovens, provers, mixers, moulders, dividers and all relevant equipment for complete in-store bakeries, pie and biscuit setups, restaurants and deli’s.

These bakeries can vary from as small as 20 loaves per bake up to as much as 2500 loaves per hour.

The manufacturing and reconditioning process is carried out in a facility where precision and quality is maintained throughout the entire process. All fully reconditioned equipment is supplied with the identical guarantee as our new equipment.

Southern Bakery Equipment also specializes in the trade-in of second hand bakery equipment. Southern Bakery Equipment is a company that prides itself on its quality workmanship and has a full complement of staff ranging from sales, manufacturing, service and technical back up.

Vulcan ovens offer bakers several benefits, including faster baking, energy and labour savings, and increased profitability through greater yields and a tastier product. The range includes reliable, heavy-duty performance full-size and half-size convection ovens, advanced technology FlashBake ovens and higher-yield cook and hold ovens.


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