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Ovens with artificial intelligence identify exact quantity of food being loaded


Operators will soon be loading trays full of food into ovens without having to press a single button thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.






At HOST recently, visitors clamoured around Welbilt’s stand to see its ConvoSense artificial intelligence technology in action.
Convotherm combi and baking ovens were installed with a camera and sensor outside the top of the cooking chamber which automatically recognises what food has been loaded into it.

The assistance system also helps with operating sustainably and energy efficiently. It automatically selects and begins the optimal cooking program, with as little energy and water consumption as possible.

Therefore, all the end user has to do it just place a tray of food within the Convotherm combi oven, close the door, and ConvoSense will do the rest, sounding an alert when the relevant cooking program has completed.

ConvoSense’s innovative technology and intelligent algorithms should ensure optimal recognition accuracy and can enable flexible mixed loads, recognising exactly which shelf has been loaded.

The system will also deploy intelligent time compensation and give immediate notification of conflicts.


Welbilt believes the technology will deliver process reliability, efficiency and conserved resources through optimised consumption.

The system has been designed to be small and unobtrusive, robust and heat-resistant and suitable for both cooking and baking.

The technology will be available in the UK next year, company representatives on the stand said.


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