Speciality Flours


Cereal and Malt adding value to baked goods





Different types of speciality flour –


Barley Flour is a soft, flour milled from barley kernels. This ivory coloured speciality flour is used alongside wheat-based products, such as breads, to boost nutritional profiles.

Malt Flour is a naturally sweet and fragrant flour, milled using 100% malted barley. Its biscuit-colour enhances the shades of freshly baked breads as well as forms the perfect crust. A common ingredient sought after for sourdough is Malt Flour.

Oat Meal is milled using 100% Oat Groats. This coarse flour is packed full of minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants, making it incredibly nutritious. Its naturally gluten free characteristic is welcomed in the baking industry. Our Oat Meal has a sweet nutty flavour with a creamy finish. It can be used in biscuits, crunchies and health shakes.

Oat Flour Similar to our Oat Meal, Oat Flour is milled using 100% Oat Groats. It is a great source of dietary fibre and can aid in reducing cholesterol levels. Oat Flour is a nutritious, natural thickening agent and is added into smoothies. Our Oat flour has an intense earthy nut-like flavour. Its naturally gluten free trait is perfect to use in baked goods such as breads

Rice Flour is a naturally gluten free flour, milled using 100% Rice. High in protein and soluble fibre, Rice flour can lower blood sugar levels. This milky flour is predominantly used in breakfast cereals and rice crackers. Our Rice Flour has natural taste making it ideal for adapting to selected flavour profiles when added as an ingredient in a variety of nutritious foods.



Cereal & Malt –

Cereal & Malt are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of specialty flours.

What is your favorite baking memory when you were growing up? Is it the smell of freshly baked bread in the oven, or the icing and jelly tots on a biscuit? Cereal & Malt has been a key ingredient in your youth.

We have always considered Malt Flour to be the secret ingredient when it comes to baking breads. Its natural enzyme activity assists in dough rising and its sweet fragrance, brings out the mouthwatering flavours of all breads, from bagels to sourdough.

Sweet treats such as crunchies after a mid-morning walk are most rewarding, especially when using the correct ingredients. Oat Meal and Oat Flour are the nutrient dense flours added to your health bars and biscuits. It’s sweet, nutty flavour is versatile and can be added to ice creams, health shakes and oat milk.

Milk and cereal are two ingredients we cannot go without. We discovered that cereal is the most convenient snack for children during the pandemic. With our dedicated Rice Mill, Cereal & Malt has been manufacturing Rice Flour for all types of breakfast cereals, from infant cereals to energy bars.

Why not choose Cereal & Malt for your next project? We are FSSC 22000, Halaal, Kosher and non-GMO approved. We have invested in state-of-the-art mill technology to ensure you receive a high quality, premium product. And who cannot say ‘yes’ to Saturday morning baking?

For more information, please visit our new and improved website at www.cerealandmalt.com



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