Sunspray Food Ingredients

Sunspray Food Ingredients (Pty ) Ltd (“Sunspray”) is a well-established local independent spray drying company with two manufacturing sites – Industria in JHB and Bronkhorstspruit in Mpumalanga.


The core technology used to produce high quality ingredients is spray drying and there are currently eight spray driers across the two sites- each with unique processing capabilities to manage a wide range of drying parameters for ingredients.

An additional small pilot plant spray drier is used for development work and to establish feasibility of products before upscaling to commercial towers – this is an extremely beneficial aspect for the R&D department and provides insights into functionality and quality parameters before commercialization.

The benefits of spray drying as a drying mechanism for food ingredients is superior to other forms of drying in that it facilitates opportunities to emulsify ingredients with functional properties as well as eliminate duplicate ingredients in formulas and removing cost.

A dairy standard tower is currently under construction on the Industria site and will deliver a superior standard of functional dairy-based ingredients. This will be the tenth tower available to service demand for the SA market as well as for exports.

The Bronkhorstspruit facility has a liquid egg pasteurizing plant as well as two spray driers. The liquid egg is supplied to the food industry daily for applications in baking and sauce/ dressing application. The pasteurized egg liquid eliminates the microbiological risk associated with breaking eggs and production related concerns for food safety.

Sunspray offers a professional service in all areas of the business to ensure a superior customer experience with mutual benefits and customers can make use of Sunspray’s R&D services to benefit from customized solutions for all applications.

As the largest independent spray drying company servicing a broad spectrum of industries customers can be assured of confidentiality in all business transactions and protection of intellectual property developed is paramount.

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