Established in 1919, SUPREME has grown steadily to become one of South Africa’s most loved and trusted flour brands for professional and home bakers alike.





Known and respected for their consistent quality, expertise and service, SUPREME is enjoyed in delicious food products by hundreds of thousands of South Africans every single day.


SUPREME Flour provides a wide and versatile variety of bread, buns, rolls and confectionary prepared mixes to meet the needs of any bakery. Expertly formulated for ease-of-use, their prepared mixes produce batch after batch of consistently outstanding results for everyday baking.




The SUPREME prepared mix range includes – White Bread Mix, Brown Bread Mix, Silky Soft White Mix, Silky Soft Brown Mix, Crispy Crust Bread & Roll Mix and Sweet and Light Bun Dough Mix.

The SUPREME Wheat flour range includes – Cake Wheat Flour, White Bread Wheat Flour, Brown Bread Wheat Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Multi-Pro Cake Wheat Flour, Hi-Ratio Cake Wheat Flour 

The SUPREME specialist range includes Turbo 5% Bread Concentrate

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