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Trends in the field of baking technology – Confectionary Production

The bakery industry is experiencing a number of trends, probably more than at any time in the past.

Consumers are demanding healthier options, and choosing new types of products and flavours with a preference for sustainable manufacturing. To create these new products we need to use new ingredients and adapt processes.

The consumers of baked products are always looking for something new and different. If that new product is also accessible in terms of price, heathy and tasty then you are onto a winning formula. In traditional markets there is an established consumer demand for low fat products, healthier alternatives to fried potato chip for example.

Baked not fried snack products based on potato and other starches including pulses are produced to perfection on our state of the art cracker lines. Across our product range we have worked with customers to make gluten, grain and wheat free products as well as low fat and reduced sugar products.

This is especially true in the area of cookies and cakes which are essential indulgent products, but it is always good to take away a bit of the guilt and make them more permissible.

To inspire you we have developed some concept products including :

• Gluten free shortbread
• Vegan brownies
• Rye and chocolate bars

When new products call for more of the “good stuff” from fiber or protein or less of the “bad stuff”, fat and sugar then the trend for the use of non-traditional ingredients will continue. Their use impacts on the design and functionality of our process equipment.

Traditional sheeting and laminating lines, were designed for wheat-based products, using the elastic properties of gluten and a limited range of ingredients. The new ingredients bring new challenges in terms of dough properties. We have moved outside the comfort zone of wheat-based products into a challenging space with new dough types.

Stickiness, hardness and elasticity are the new properties which must be accounted for with adapted and redesigned features:

• Gauge rolls with independent drives to prevent the dough sticking.
• Improved hygienic design for quick allergen cleaning
• High specification gauge rolls, have the capability to go to smaller gaps allowing for doughs with higher recovery rates for industry leading dough piece weigh accuracy.
• Hybrid oven technology creates products with just the right texture.

Sustainability and global warming are growing challenges for society and our industry as consumers bring greater focus . The days of using fossil fuels to heat our ovens are clearly numbered. It can be anticipated that we will have to change to electric ovens, so we have launched our new Turbu E oven.

This has all the advanced features of even heat distribution; easy cleaning and efficiency as our Turbu 4 oven but powered by electricity. If you can source electricity from wind, solar or hydro sources then it would be possible to bake products in a carbon neutral way.

Whatever the product you are making , Buhler process lines deliver best in class performance combined with lowest cost of ownership.

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