Which Lumnia fly killer device does your business require?


If your staff and customers are not protected from the potential safety hazards and health risks that can arise from pest infestations, then the success and reputation of your business could be compromised. It is absolutely imperative that businesses producing consumable or perishable goods and services have the right systems in place to prevent fly infestations.






Whether you own, manage or supervise a butchery, bakery, commercial kitchen or food processing site, the good news is that there are innovative solutions that protect your staff, customers and end-users from the risks caused by the presence of flies!


Hello insect light traps, goodbye flies!


You’ll be pleased to know that new innovations in the world of fly control are making it easier for businesses to protect their staff and customers with minimal disruption to their production processes and balance sheets. The latest devices in fly control technology help businesses keep flies away from their operation sites safely and hygienically.


This video showcases Lumnia, the fly control device range from Rentokil:


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Introducing Rentokil’s Lumnia: The future of fly control

The Lumnia fly control device range uses Rentokil’s unique encapsulation technology that serves as an added module to allow effective fly control.

These devices are suitable for a range of internal environments where flies are not welcome, as well as a wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.




The device range comprises the following innovative features:


● LED lamps
● Energy modes (low, medium, high and adaptive)
● Glueboard and encapsulation, allowing for monitoring and control
● Optimised for attraction and catch rate
● No catch trays, no mess!


No matter how large or small your business is, or how many sites you have, there is a Lumnia device that will suit your requirements.


Lumnia Standard

Lumnia units are designed to attract, kill and encapsulate insects hygienically, eliminating the risk of contamination, thereby giving business customers the peace of mind that fly control is being taken care of with minimal disruption and mess.


Lumnia Standard uses UV-A LED lights, which flies find more attractive compared to phosphor lamps that are used in traditional EFK devices. It has been seen that the use of ultraviolet lights simultaneously reduces energy consumption, offering average energy savings of 61%. Lumnia Standard is suited for all businesses operating within the food service, food retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors.


Lumnia Ultimate

The Lumnia Ultimate is the latest addition to the Lumnia family, and is available from the beginning of September, 2018. Ultimate has been specifically designed for high dependency environments, including food processing sites, hospitals, pharmaceutical and general industry sites, and boasts 3 black LED lamps which are proven to be 30% more effective at catching flies. Added to which encapsulation technology means the risk of contamination from fly fragments is eliminated.


Lumnia Compact

The Lumnia Compact will be available in South Africa in January 2019, and is suited for small-to-medium, low-risk businesses that are prone to the hazards of fly infestations, especially where food is being prepared, stored, packed and served. Compact is both highly effective and – at the same time – one of the lowest energy-consuming units on the market.


For a more information on Lumnia from Rentokil or to arrange a free fly control survey visit our website:






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