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A Range of Recycled CPET for Ready Meals is available in SA

The sought-after Evolve by Faerch range in CPET has become available after a successful launch in the UK and is now available from AGQPE South Africa.

The food packaging consists of 80% post-consumer recycled PET coming from collected and recycled bottles and trays and is efficiently recyclable into new food grade products. The range is a result of Faerch’s integrated recycling capabilities and activities.

The Evolve by Faerch trays come in naturally fluctuating colours only, reflecting the specific blend of recycled bottles and trays they consist of without any extra colour added. This gives a unique look to the range, and it guarantees reliable detectability.

Evolve by Faerch trays provide consumers with long-awaited visual guidance to easily choose food packaging that is made from recycled content. The unique look also reminds consumers to treat the tray as a valuable resource that should be collected after use for recycling.

It complies with the strictest food regulations keeping food safe in the entire temperature range between -40 degrees Celsius and +220 degrees Celsius and outperforms alternative packaging materials on food safety, recycled content and recyclability.

The range is available for a variety of applications, including MAP, Vacuum packing, Ambient use and more.

AGQPE is a specialist supplier of MAP packaging, sealing film and packaging machines. AGQPE specializes in extending shelf-life of packed meat.

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