Amazing Merrychef Ovens


How Street Food Can Excel in a Speed Oven

This high-speed oven is good-looking, compact, fast, and easy-to-use even on a street corner. In this article, we’ll show you why you need a Merrychef.




A slice of hot, fresh pizza oozing with melted mozz… Instead of cooking an entire pizza and then heating an entire deck oven to preheat it by the slice, imagine reheating each slice on demand (in under 3 min) so that it’s as fresh as it can get. The Merrychef e1s makes it possible to do exactly that!



Food on Demand




Just how compact is this powerhouse of an oven? Well, it has a 16″ square footprint and fits on a 19.7″ worktop. It’s also ventless due to a built-in catalytic converter and it doesn’t even require any installation space on the sides. It may be small on the outside, but the interior offers a generous 12″ x 12″ of cooking capacity.


Did we mention that it’s fast? We mean really fast! Its rapid cooking technology combines three different types of heating into one super-fast oven. Those three methods are tuned impingement, microwave, and convection heating. Together, they make this little powerhouse of an oven 10-12 times faster than a regular oven.


It’s easy to use, too. You can keep over a thousand cooking profiles on a simple USB memory stick. Plug it in and follow the icons on the touchscreen. It even has its own built-in diagnostic testing to keep it running properly. Could it get any simpler?



Its large, rounded edges even make it exceptionally easy to clean. We’re guessing you’ll really appreciate that feature after a busy day of cooking and serving up street food.

Perfect for Small Spaces

The stylish black and stainless steel exterior of the Merrychef always stays cool-to-the-touch because of its patented cooling system. That Air Curtain Technology® makes the Merrychef perfect for small or crowded spaces — like hectic street corners, crowded bars, or busy convenience stores.


This small, compact oven was designed to take the place of several other kitchen appliances wherever spaces are tight. It can cook, bake, grill, toast, or reheat food as needed. Because it doesn’t require an expensive vented hood, it can be used indoors where cooking might not be possible otherwise. It’s also quiet (55 dbA in standby mode — about the same as a refrigerator) so it won’t unduly disturb your customers.



If you’ve always wanted to offer hot food at your venue, but didn’t think it was possible because you didn’t have a commercial kitchen or trained staff, the Merrychef was made for you. This single, stylish countertop appliance will help you deliver fast, delicious food to your customers. Since it’s programmable, it’s easy to serve consistently high-quality food with minimal training of its operators.


The Merrychef is an invaluable resource for someone just getting started as a food vendor or for small businesses that want to expand their food offerings. You can offer a variety of high-quality, repeatable dishes from just this one unit and easily expand your menu as you get more comfortable using it. This high-speed oven is perfect for street vendors, bars, convenience stores, and other quick-service venues.


Whether you’re looking to sell the best pizza on the streets of Cape Town or just want to add a hot food option at your bar, the Merrychef e1s will meet your needs!


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