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The Convotherm 4 BAKE combines traditional baking know-how with the modern principles of combi oven. The result is always fresh baked goods in professional quality.







Convotherm 4 BAKE 10.10 easy Touch Electric Injection/Spritzer 8 x EN. Baked goods and snacks always fresh and in professional quality.

The Convotherm 4 BAKE combines traditional baking know-how with the modern principles of combi oven. The result is always fresh baked goods in professional quality. Inspired by the masters of their craft.

Anyone who wants to compete with the pros in baking would be well advised to learn from them. For 40 years, we have meticulously analyzed the secrets for success of traditional bakeries – and we have applied them in cooperation with professional bakers the world over to the modern principles of operation found in combi ovens. The result engenders enthusiasm in pros and connoisseurs alike:



The Convotherm 4 BAKE.

Enjoyment on a par with a traditional bakery – The combination of hot air and steam in the Convotherm 4 BAKE – individually adapted for every single product – guarantees optimal rising, uniform browning over the entire load and a loose, voluminous crumb as well as a crisp crust. With our truly unique Natural Smart Climate™, enabled by our closed system ACS+, you benefit from significantly longer ready-to-sell freshness in your baked goods.

Great variety with consistent quality – Danish pastries, crisp rolls or perfect crusts on breads – with a tasty selection of baked goods, you will stand out from the competition. What matters most is that quality and freshness are guaranteed at all times. The Convotherm 4 BAKE ensures best results in professional quality even with untrained personnel: Consistency at its highest level.

Fresh baked goods are always in demand – Whether for enjoyment on site or as take-away: Fresh baked goods are a timeless classic for breakfast, a light meal or for a small bite in between. Today, customers expect a standard equal to that of bakery fresh even outside of traditional bakeries. You can offer just that: With the Convotherm 4 BAKE.


A real plus: Perfect preparation of snacks and foods – Where fresh baked goods are in demand, deli foods a desire for snacks and small dishes is never far behind. While optimized for baking, the Convotherm 4 BAKE is also an allrounder that delivers the full range of performance offered by the newest generation of Convotherm combi ovens. Whether grilling, stewing, roasting, steaming or more: From breakfast to evening meals, the Convotherm 4 BAKE also provides maximum flexibility in terms of preparation methods.

• Integrated baking cookbook. Simplifies your work with preprogrammed baking and cooking recipes
• BakePro The multi-step baking function ensures ideal rising, optimal elasticity in the crumb and an ideal sheen on small baked goods.
• Optimized suction panels. Specially adapted openings guarantee ideal air circulation – for uniform results throughout the entire cooking chamber.
• Baking trays and accessories, EN sized Perfect interchangeability with bakers racks
• Spritzer instead of a boiler Steam generation like the pros: Even better baking using direct injection of water into the hot cooking chamber.
• Rise&Ready proofing profiles . Three proofing levels specially for fresh yeast dough ensure optimal aroma and volume development as well as perfect crusts.
• Disappearing door Slides along a rail on the side when opened. This prevents contact with the hot pane and walkways remain unobstructed.
• Variable fan speed Available with 5 settings – and of special note, it can also be switched off completely. For unbeatable results even with the most sensitive foods.
• Easy-to-use. The icon-based easyTouch® full-touch user interface can be understood by everyone.


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