Chocolate condensed-milk cheesecake

A delicious treat to impress your friends.







200 g     packet of Romany Creams
100 g     Marie biscuits
  20 ml   cocoa
  90 g     CLOVER Mooi River butter, melted


2 x 250 g    tubs of cream cheese
      250 ml CLOVER sour cream
1 x 385 g    tin of CLOVER condensed milk
       45 ml  cake flour
         3       extra-large egg
         5 ml  vanilla essence
     200 g     dark chocolate, broken into small blocks

On top

       30 ml   cocoa
  1 x 65 g    packet of chocolate shortcake balls, e.g. Chuckles or Whispers, halved


  • Preheat the oven to 160°C.
  • Crust: Finely chop the Romany Cream in a food processor. Add the cocoa; then chop again until thoroughly mixed. Add the melted butter and mix once more.
  • Use the blunt side of a knife and firmly press the cookie crumbs onto the bottom and sides of a loose-bottomed cake pan of approximately 22 cm in diameter.
  • Filling: Combine the cream cheese, sour cream and condensed milk in a mixing bowl. Mix well.
  • Sift the cake flour; then thoroughly mix it into the cream-cheese mixture.
  • Beat the eggs; then add the vanilla essence.
  • Melt the chocolate in the microwave oven for 2 minutes at 50% power. Stir the mixture after every minute of cooking time. Microwave for a few extra seconds if necessary. Let the chocolate cool down a little; then mix it into the cream cheese mixture.
  • Pour the cream-cheese mixture onto the Romany Cream crust.
  • Place the cake pan in a larger pan to avoid any mess in the oven. Bake the cheesecake for 50 minutes (it doesn’t have to be completely set in the middle).
  • Leave the cheesecake in the oven for 20 minutes, with the oven door slightly ajar. After 20 minutes, open the oven door wide and let the cheesecake cool down completely.
  • Wiggle the cake pan to loosen the cheesecake; then place it on a serving plate.
  • On top: Sift the cocoa over the top, sprinkle with the halved shortcake balls, and serve.

    12 portions


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