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Convotherm launched new design line with the mini black combi oven



Eglfing, Germany – Convotherm, a global Welbilt brand, launched the new mini black at the iba Munich trade fair from 15 to 20 September 2018. Designed with a black exterior and control panel, extra-large observation window and a small footprint, the combi oven is ideal for front-of-house use for convenience food business: “The matt surface of the compact combi oven gives it a clean and elegant look, and it’s perfect for serving area at petrol stations, bakeries, snack bars, coffee shops, cafés and much more”, says Arndt Manter, Director of Product Management at Convotherm.






The mini black also features a clever interior design, with a large cooking chamber providing plenty of space for efficient cooking and baking. The black version is available for the 6.06 mini, 6.10 mini and 10.10 mini with a manual control panel (Standard) or the easyTouch® user interface with its intuitive touchscreen controls. The matt black coating also ensure that fingerprints are not visible, meaning that the mini black retains its clean and elegant appearance even after a whole day’s use.


A genuine all-rounder in an extremely compact design


With a width of just 51.5 cm the lightweight Convotherm mini black is the perfect all-round solution for professional food preparation and is ideal for retrofitting in kitchen, retail or convenience areas. Although compact, the clever interior creates a spacious chamber for efficient cooking, and this makes the Convotherm mini black a winner no matter what is required, whether it’s roasting, grilling, steaming, au gratin cooking, convenience frying or regenerating.




High-quality baking results with BakePro


The BakePro feature in the Convotherm mini easyTouch® means that “freshly” baked products can go into series production: the multistage baking profile increases output and produces high-quality results which have a longer shelf-life at the serving point, thanks to a specified preparation sequence which includes additional steam and rest periods for the convection. The user can then customize the profiles for frozen, pre-cooked or pre-baked products by setting the time and temperature. The entire preparation process can also be adapted to meet the user’s needs – all they need to do is save the BakePro profiles in the mini’s Cookbook with a new name, and then all product steps can be adjusted as required.


To learn more about the new Convotherm mini black visit www.convotherm.com.



“Please contact Ruth Ward – Master Baker 0837791191, or John Woodcock – Sales Manager 0837931483 for more information”



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