Convotherm maxx pro: high definition



Convotherm maxx pro: high definition
Innovations from start to finish



Once again, Welbilt’s Convotherm brand is setting a new milestone in the development of innovative, future-oriented products. With the Convotherm maxx pro, a new generation of combi ovens has been created that includes a complete high-end package.

This premium oven stands out for its innovations and technologies, such as the 10″ HiRes TFT touchscreen display with scrolling function, automatic cooking or the triple glazing of the oven door for optimised energy consumption – a whole host of features that offer real added value for professional chefs.

New Convotherm philosophy: IntelligentSimplicity

Right from the start, the Convotherm maxx pro is well thought-out. The oven is packed with innovations that are useful for everyday work in professional kitchens, resulting in greater efficiency, productivity and profitability. It is impressive that the physical components, functions and software at all levels of the Convotherm maxx pro are extremely user-friendly.

This approach follows the Convotherm IntelligentSimplicity philosophy. This term defines the combination of intelligence and simplicity in all areas in order to meet complex requirements as simply and efficiently as possible, which also has an impact on service and operating costs.

High definition for quality results , cooking processes and efficiency

In keeping with the IntelligentSimplicity motto, the Convotherm maxx pro is equipped with four management functions developed by Convotherm, which facilitate optimum operation and always deliver the best results:

Climate Management: in the Convotherm maxx pro, in the unique closed Natural Smart Climate™ system, the optimum baking chamber climate can be set for each product, thus achieving perfect baking and baking results. In addition, energy efficiency has been further improved by up to ten percent compared to the predecessor oven.

Quality Management: A large number of innovative functions help professional chefs or bakers to always achieve the best product quality. Intelligent sensors, sophisticated air guidance via AirFlow Management and an intelligent, programme-controlled interplay of steam, hot air and time ensure optimum quality for every product, whether baked or baked.

Production Management: Perfectly coordinated functions ensure that the Convotherm maxx pro is always easy and clear to operate, even when complex processes are involved, so that you can work efficiently, profitably and stress-free. These include Press&Go, which ensures automatic cooking at the touch of a finger, an integrated recipe book that can be accessed at the touch of a button, or TrayView, which is useful for mixed rotary loading.

Cleaning Management: Perfect cleanliness is a feature of the Convotherm maxx pro. The fully automatic, multi-stage and environmentally friendly cleaning system is even approved for unattended operation. Because users never come into direct contact with the cleaning agents, no gloves are required for use. In addition, the innovative HygeniCare package provides an additional advantage in terms of hygiene.

The world of Convo products: ConvoSmoke – ConvoGrill – ConvoServe – ConvoSense

The gastronomy sector is varied and so are the different options with which the Convotherm maxx pro is available:

– for all gastronomy concepts that smoke on their own, the intelligent ConvoSmoke smoking option is suitable, which makes the Convotherm maxx pro the perfect smoking oven – without requiring additional kitchen space. ConvoSmoke enables both efficient hot smoking and cold smoking of delicate foods.

– For restaurants that rely on grilled specialities, the ConvoGrill is an optimal possibility for perfect grilled products at any time, whether chicken, meat or vegetables. Thanks to the intelligent fat separation, the Convotherm maxx pro with ConvoGrill is more environmentally friendly, cost-saving and faster.

– The intelligent ConvoServe production concept enables stress-free operation. This concept allows dishes to be prepared calmly and finished precisely when required, reaching the customer quickly, fresh and of the highest quality. ConvoServe is particularly suitable for large quantities, buffets, banquet dishes or à la Carte services. The combination of sophisticated technical functions for the perfect regeneration and finishing of dishes with tailor-made accessories makes ConvoServe an unrivalled production solution that is able to optimally transform the demanding into the simple – true to the IntelligentSimplicity philosophy.

– The future of baking and baking is fully automatic, and with the Convotherm maxx pro ConvoSense is already a reality. Thanks to artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art sensors, the innovative ConvoSense assistance system offers completely new perspectives for food preparation. ConvoSense makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability of results and, at the same time, to achieve cost-effectiveness by conserving resources.

The whole world of baking

Another member of the Convotherm maxx pro family is the BAKE, which combines traditional baking know-how with modern combi oven functions. With the Convotherm maxx pro BAKE, fresh bakery products, snacks and small meals can be baked to the highest quality.

The Rise&Ready proofer profiles are ideally suited to the production of bakery products. In addition to the BakePro multi-stage baking function, which ensures excellent proofing of small bakery products, optimum crumb and shine of bakery products, the optimised suction panels, trays and bakery-format accessories of the Convotherm maxx pro meet the requirements of the bakery industry.

The intelligent baking world with kitchenconnect®, the cloud-based networking solution

Convotherm maxx pro and kitchenconnect®, Welbilt’s innovative, future-oriented networking solution, allow you to keep everything under control at all times. In real time and cloud-based, kitchenconnect® provides access to data and information from anywhere in the world. This makes it possible to analyse, evaluate or re-plan processes. Asset, efficiency, quality and menu management can be monitored on the screen.

Premium class redefined

“In developing the Convotherm maxx pro, we asked professional chefs around the world what they wanted from a premium combi oven. We integrated the knowledge we gained into the planning of the new generation of combi ovens, which enabled us to develop a unique high-definition oven and to redefine the premium category once again.

The Convotherm maxx pro includes many practical functions in line with our IntelligentSimplicity maxim. The aim is to meet complex challenges in a simple way. These include cost-effectiveness, efficiency and, of course, hygiene. Functionality and resource-efficient operation make the Convotherm maxx pro a modern combi-steamer that will contribute to preparing high-quality cuisine for the future,” explains Arndt Manter, Head of Product Management at Welbilt for Convotherm.

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