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Roff Milling launches brand new R-40 Turnkey Maize Mill



Kroonstad, South Africa – Roff Milling, a leading manufacturer of top quality maize milling machines and equipment, has announced the launch of another high performance maize mill under the Roff brand, the R-40 Maize Mill.

The new Roff R-40 is perfectly geared to answer the needs of the up and coming entrepreneur who wants a streamlined, profitable and reliable mill based on proven technology with enough capacity to ensure sound profit margins. It is intended for the miller aiming for a 1000 ton per month target.

Says Charl Marais, Managing Director of Roff Milling: “When developing the R-40, we took a page out of the book of our successful R-70, but simplified the process even more. We are still using the proven MK-6 equipment platform and the R-70’s compact design, just making it more cost-effective.

This has resulted in a streamlined, efficient mill that is housed in multi-story frames, featuring dust extraction and an offal collection line. Multi-story frames, as opposed to some containerised mills used by a few of our competitors, allow easy access to all equipment and good hygiene throughout the mill. Although our mills are compact, we still like to see, reach and make easy adjustments to all processes in a mill.”

Class-leading extraction rates and capacity

Marais adds that the Roff R-40’s best-in-class extraction rates of between 69 and 74% for super maize meal (super refined), or 80 and 85% for special maize meal (refined)* allow the maize milling entrepreneur to produce and/or export both these products with ease.

Since better extraction rates mean greater profit, the Roff R-40 is worth considering based on these rates alone.

Capacity wise, the miller can expect to mill up to 3 tons of maize per hour, which ensures the scale required to run a profitable maize milling business – a bigger output than the Roff SP-1, but smaller than the Roff R-70 or Roff C-80 maize mills.

Start milling within just three weeks** from delivery

Another attractive selling point of the Roff R-40 is the fact that it can be installed in just three weeks from delivery, and its simple design ensures that training of the mill operator can be completed within a week. The R-40’s streamlined design also means that it’s easy to operate and maintain.

Roff’s standard turnaround time for manufacturing the R-40 is between four to six months, but as a special introductory offer, the first customer to order the R-40 will take delivery of it at the end of March 2022***.

No special structure or buildings required

Due to the compact R-40’s small footprint of 15m (L) x 9m (W) x 6.6m (H) and support structure already included, entrepreneurs don’t require any special buildings to have the mill installed. The only condition is that the roof should be at least 7m high. Standard industrial concrete floors will also suffice.

With the launch of the Roff R-40, Roff intends to open up the maize milling industry for more entrepreneurs in South and Sub-Saharan Africa.

For any enquiries, please contact the Roff team on or +27 56 212 2697

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* Depending on the maize quality and country of operation
** Depending on Roff’s manufacturing capacity at the time of order
*** Only applicable to the first order of the Roff R-40, thereafter standard manufacturing times will apply


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