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Discover How Switching to Solar Power Can Slash Your Energy Bills


New Study Reveals Potential Savings in the Millions – Plus Uninterrupted Business Operations – All While Contributing to a Sustainable Future



The future of business in Cape Town is sunny – both literally and figuratively. A recent study has uncovered an opportunity that businesses, regardless of size, cannot afford to ignore.

Solar power.

Imagine a scenario where you can run your business at a lower cost, eliminate the worries of loadshedding, and contribute to a sustainable future—all at the same time. Too good to be true? Not according to our findings.

We investigated the costs and potential savings associated with both grid-tied and hybrid solar systems. The numbers are compelling. A grid-tied solar system’s capital expenditure ranges from R11,000 per kWp to R14,700, depending on the size of the system, while a hybrid solar system with a 2-hour-plus battery backup ranges from R21,500 to R27,350 per kWp.

This spells good news for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses currently paying the City of Cape Town R2.35/kWh can secure a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) rate as low as R1.86/kWh. Medium-sized businesses can reduce their rates from R1.81/kWh to R1.70/kWh. And large businesses? You can slash your current rate of R1.76/kWh to an impressive R1.49/kWh.

Let’s put those numbers into perspective. Over the next decade, small businesses that opt for grid-tied systems can expect savings of over R450,000. For large businesses, the savings can skyrocket over R1.2 million. Furthermore, by choosing a hybrid solar system, small businesses can pocket savings over R170,000, and large businesses over R740,000—while ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

You see, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) isn’t just any agreement. It’s a promise of stability, savings, and sustainability. It’s a contract that places solar and battery equipment at your premises—with no upfront costs—and enables you to purchase electricity at a rate that’s lower than what you’re currently paying. You receive two bills: one from us and one from your utility provider. But here’s the best part: the total of these two bills will always be less than your current electricity bill. And we guarantee it.

So, why aren’t all businesses in Cape Town switching to solar power? Because many haven’t heard the good news yet. And that’s why we’re here—writing this article—to spread the word and help you understand how the future of energy can reshape your business.


Remember, the choice to move towards a sustainable, stable, and cost-effective energy solution isn’t just about savings—it’s about being part of the larger solution for our planet. It’s about ensuring that our beautiful city, Cape Town, continues to thrive for generations to come.

Act now. Harness the sun. Light up your business future. And remember, with solar power, the only thing brighter than your business prospects is the sun itself.

Act Now For a Brighter, Greener Business Future

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Source – MyPR


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