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Sense of Taste Chef School part – time course



The Sense of Taste next part-time course starts on 11th September 2023 and then going forward for 13 Mondays. (15h30 to 20h00)


The Sense of Taste Chef School offers this fantastic part-time course, perfectly suited for food industry employees to further their studies and increase their food knowledge and get a formal qualification. This is an ideal course to improve kitchen and cooking skills as well as getting a formal qualification.

So often in our industry there are many staff working in kitchens but have no formally recognised qualification. This 13 Monday Course (15h30 to 20h00) allows them to achieve this. Coupled with their practical experience at their workplace, they can feel recognised on a professional basis as well by having this Kitchen Assistant Qualification that we offer. This qualification is internationally recognised.

We are currently working with Luke Dale Roberts Group, the Reverie Social Table and Bao Down restaurant.

We won the 2022 Gourmet Guide Award for the Chef School for the most Purpose and Passion in Food Industry in South Africa. https://gourmetguide.co.za/jhp-gourmet-guide/

The Sense of Taste Chef School is accredited with the following bodies:

• QCTO (Quality Council for Trades & Occupations) SDP1228/17/00385
• Highfield International Qualification – Centre Number 16215
• South African Chefs Association – Membership Number 27319
• South African Culinary and Hospitality Forum – Membership Number 37899
• We are listed on the Department of Higher Education (DHET) website and database as Private Education Institution

We do the Highfield International level 2 Certificate for Kitchen Assistant in conjunction with same level of qualification from the Sense of Taste Chef School RQF 6027145/X.


• Uniform – 1 x chef pants, 1 x chef jacket, 1 x Chef Cap, 1 x Apron
• All ingredients
• Teaching and assessment time
• Guidance and instructions during class and if any assistance out of class time is required (that would be extra 5 to 6 hours for the out of class time)
• Internal Quality Assurance and Assessment
• International Learner registration fees
• Food Safety in Catering exam and certificate endorsed by the Maritime Coast Guard Agency – so this is very useful if planning to work on Private & Super Yachts as well as Cruise Liners in the future.
• Health and Safety in the Workplace exam
• Certificate and course details for Highfield Level 2 Kitchen Assistant
• Graduation once course is completed and relevant certificates presented to Candidates
• Candidates are expected to attend all classes in order to pass and graduate

Students must have access and use of laptop as well as a smart phone.

Candidates are expected to attend all classes to pass and graduate

Note taking during class is imperative and compulsory.

Students must wear uniform each Monday. Students must have a recognized Chef Knife set – so Wusthof, Victoria Knox or Global or Zwelling etc. Knives are of paramount importance, and one cannot work with an inferior brand of knife. We highly recommend Wusthof.

Highfield International and Sense of Taste Chef School Level 2 Certificate for Kitchen Assistants

This qualification involves food preparation i.e. Bread and Doughs, Salads, pates, fish, terrines, beef, pasta, vegetables, dressings, and cold sauces. Please look at the assessment log for this qualification to see what must be assessed and well as all the theory pertaining to the practical and all the health & Safety theory and exams.

The total cost per candidate is R25 500.00 – this would be a 13-week programme on Mondays starting from 11th September 2023 from 15h30 to 20h00 at the Sense of Taste Chef school in Maitland, Cape Town.

This includes the following practical lessons
• Salad Niçoise and Caser Salad including Mayonnaise and Vinaigrette
• Basic Bread, Open Sandwich, and Margherita Pizza
• Pan-Fried Fish and Asian Slaw (sustainably sourced)
• Bruschetta with Smoked Angel Fish Pate and Chicken Vol-au-Vent
• Masala and Coconut Milk Risotto
• Carbonaro Tagliatelle
• Duck ala Orange with Roast Potatoes
• Seared Beef Fillet with Pan Fried Seasonal Vegetables and Freestyle Bechamel Sauce
• Steak Tartare

For more information please contact Debbie Ayub on 082 337 6240 or E-mail: debbie@senseoftastechefschool.com


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