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The consumer trend towards an ever-stronger preference to Low GI foods continues to grow apace, creating opportunities for bakers and bakeries to make available delicious Low GI alternatives. The human body copes better with slower absorbed carbohydrates (Low GI). Faster absorbed carbs (High GI), especially when taken in bigger quantities, tax the body’s pancreas and insulin secretion and can create serious health problems over the long term.

Sometimes this is quite easy to do – you just use lower GI carb sources to start off with. On other occasions it is more complicated, but the GI Foundation SA has assisted many a product developer to lower the GI of a product to the point that it can display a health claim. We have a great aid, the Smart Carb Guide, which should help you move forward. It is available as an e-book and in hard copy. Click here to get yours.

The GI Foundation SA is also available to conduct a day/morning workshop to your R&D Team and/or Marketing Team and offers an Endorsement Service as well as Health Audits on any range of products.


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