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We are 20 years old this month. Yes, the Glycemic Index Foundation SA was established in 1999. Because it is our birthday, and we say this with great thankfulness, we thought it good to update the set of endorsement logos. 


With the help of a few millennials we have made the logos cleaner, simpler and trendier for you to use on your 2020’s and beyond packaging of healthier foodstuffs. The new look has had good response from the public and food company clients alike. The GI Foundation SA is an official endorsement entity and has the mandate from government to service your company for all things regarding healthier food product development, GI testing and health endorsement. We are also involved with generic health promotion by way of the Smart Health Diet. Here is the new look logos for your attention.


Read here for more general information and note the different options avaible. Also see the Endorsement Specifications for the different food types.

The glycemic index (GI) was hardly known nor understood in 1999, but this opened up the opportunity to make it known and understandable to so many people who could benefit from it. Our first task was to make a start in determining the GI values of South African foodstuffs on the shelves. Following in the steps of the Canadians and Australians we started a group, a team of test subjects, 12 people who were willing to prick their fingers and draw blood every 15 minutes to take a blood sugar reading.


Pronutro was the first brand to take the plunge and had their whole range of cereals tested.

Then we teamed up with Diabetes SA and rolled out the endorsement program and for a decade we made healthy inroads into the foodstuffs market and health consciousness of our nation. We also got involved in publications, which still plays a big role in explaining the GI to “Sue Citizen” and family. After 20 years the GI, more specific “Low GI” is not a foreign concept anymore. Many millions now have a basic understanding of what it is and that it has health benefits.

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