Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine



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Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

Horizontal Flow Wrap Packaging Machines are highly efficient packaging machines that seal products horizontally with clear or printed PET, PE, or BOPP-based film, making them ideal for packing large quantities of individual products.

Our flow wrap machines can be customised according to your production needs and are available in 250mm x 350mm, 450mm and 600mm.



Flow wrap machines are purpose-built machines that can use additional punnets and trays for the flow wrapping of goods in several industries. Our machines are largely used in the baking industry for packaging buns, cupcakes, various pastries, baked goods and confectionery. Additional gas flushing can replace oxygen with nitrogen inside the packaging to preserve goods’ shelf life.


Superior packing quality reduces movement and prevents damage during transport.

High packaging speeds of 65 – 70 packs, or up to 400 pieces per minute, depending on size.

Optimal preservation is possible with added nitrogen gas flushing to extend shelf life.

Automatic two-way colour-coded film tracking, positioning and placement systems for ideal bagging lengths and reduced material waste.

Simplified operation with bilingual, touch screen programmable logic controller (PLC) control and automatic fault detection system.

Specialised rotary sealer with frequency conversion and temperature-independent proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control for optimal sealing.

Minimal carbon footprint and reduced noise due to servo motor use.

Modern, easy-to-clean stainless steel design that can withstand humid, corrosive environments.

How it works


Flow wrap machines seal products inside a neat pillow-shaped film or foil package to improve shelf life and guard against contamination. Typically, an in-feed conveyor belt transports goods into a forming box that forms a continuous film tube around products. Next, a rotary heat sealer and cutter will separate and crimp seal goods to form individually packaged products that are primarily rectangular or square-shaped with a horizontal back seal and top and bottom vertical seals.



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