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How to ensure the longevity of your catering business during a pandemic

With the COVID-19 lockdown in full swing, businesses need to find ways to ensure longevity. And,although it may be challenging, use this uncertain time to reflect and build a resilient operation that isready for the future. 




Here’s how you can ensure your business survives and flourishes after apandemic.




Accept initiatives that can help you

Banks and the government are working intentionally to relieve SMEs so that they are not negatively affected by the national lockdown. Banks and government are offering debt relief schemes, which are put in place to alleviate the financial repercussions of the pandemic. The Debt Relief schemes will provide relief for existing debts and repayments. It also aims to assist businesses in covering costs for materials, labour, and other operational expenses.


Keep calm and be mindful

It can be challenging when you’re not making as much money as you would under normal circumstances. But, you need to keep calm, as your business and staff need you physically and mentally fit during this time.



Upskill your employees and redefine your products

Amidst all the panic, now is a perfect time for you to upskill your staff. You can upskill your employees digitally through online workshops and video tutorials that can either provide them with additional skills to utilise in their existing capacity or other parts of your business. Another way to grow your catering company is by adding new recipes or tweaking existing ones. Nestle Professional’s food division has a variety of delicious recipes which you can incorporate in your dishes. Take a look at our recipes and find the next perfect dish for your catering menu.


Continue to promote your business

With the use of technology, you can promote your business in the comfort of your own home. So, take this quiet time and work on your business’s growth. To improve your service offering further, continue to build a strong brand presence online, as we’ve come to see; the digital future is here. Although your catering business may be closed or slow during this time, keep active on social media and remind your clients why they’ve continued to support and use your business. You can use this time to explore trending applications such as Zoom, providing clients and potential clients with engaging recipes to try at home. By creating a strong presence online now, it will ensure that you continue to grow and create loyal relationships. Let your mouth watering dishes stay in people’s minds and on their lips during the lockdown, and have people lining up to use your catering services post-pandemic.


Embrace new business opportunities

Every business owner has an objective to grow its business. So, take a look at where your business is now and what you can improve on. If you’ve only been catering for big corporate events, why not expand into different industries. For example, you can branch into welfare and industrial catering. Essential services like old age homes, hospitals, large production services continue to operate and need catering services. Many businesses have found ways to grow their business despite what has been happening, and it’s the perfect opportunity for catering businesses to do the same.


Practice hygiene

Good hygiene will always be an important part of any catering business. Your staff interact with clients, and each other daily. Therefore, proper hygiene needs to be practised to stop the spread of harmful bacterial germs, now and in the future. So, take a look at your office space, particularly the kitchen and find ways to be more hygienic. Continue to disinfect your surfaces and package your services accordingly. Make sure you also teach and reinforce proper hygiene procedures with your staff. Lastly, be transparent and inform your clients on how you’re being proactive, whilst not compromising on your quality.


Final thoughts

Now is the time to reinvent your business. Change is like a ripple effect. Every small effort you make secures your business’s future. So, be proactive and plan ahead with Nestlé Professional today!


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