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Innovative bakery concepts: Plant-based and healthy natural ingredients


To succeed in our non-stop everyday life, food products need to taste good, provide added value for body & soul and stand out from the mainstream. Doehler’s natural ingredients provide a strong convenience in usability of plant-based proteins, fibres and vegetable granulates or purees to offer health and nutritional value. 





In this context, protein, fibre or vegetable enriched bakery products open up possibilities to cover overall slightly declining category when it comes to a number of new product introductions.




Vegetable enriched – functional and visual highlights

Vegetable enrichment attracts health-conscious consumers and can be used for various bakery applications such as bread, puff pastry, quiche and cheesecake. Vegetable purees, savoury preparations and vegetable granulates are optimal solutions to enrich bread products, provide a unique taste and intense natural colour for outstanding multi-sensory experiences, such as red through beetroot, orange with the colour of carrots or pink through black carrots.


Fillings – modern, classical and sustainable

Fruit fillings are classical bakery ingredients, where seasonal variations and cross-category streams influence the bakery assortment. The fillings are used in applications such as Berliner, donuts, croissants or pastries. Doehler offers premium and tailor-made ingredients for Red Fruit-Fillings, Citrus-, Yellow- and Green Fruit-Fillings, but also Milk-Based Fillings such as Vanilla Cream.

A trendy variation of fillings are nut pastes, which stand for a sustainable lifestyle and are an optimal basis for innovative bakery concepts. Nutrafood, a Doehler Group company, brings more than 30 years of experience in processing nuts, which is reflected in healthy and delicious concepts based on 100 percent plant ingredients.




Proteins and fibers – also possible to be claimed

Functional ingredients and visual effects are appealing to consumers and contribute to better nutritional values and best taste. Plant protein enriched products have developed from a niche target group into mainstream diets. Pulses provide healthy added value for bakery products as they contain a high protein content and create new taste varieties compared to bakery products made of wheat or rye flour.


They can be used in both sweet bakery applications such as cookies or cakes and savoury bakery products such as quiches or breads. Such bakery allow to be claimed as “high in protein” or “source of protein”, while for fiber enriched products the claims “high in fiber” or “source of fiber” are possible.

With fiber added to the application, the bakery product is very likely to attract health-conscious consumers. Herein, apple fiber is one of the major ingredients in bakery products. Apart from the fiber claim, fibers also absorb water and improve the shelf live. Due to the typical colour of the fiber, applications that are fiber enriched get a wholegrain appearance.


Freshly flavoured – global favourite citrus

Exotic flavours such as mango flavour or fillings are increasingly popular for bakery. But also acknowledged flavours such as citrus provided as bake-stable bring concepts such as a citrus cake to life. The citrus flavours are bake stable and available as traditional flavours as well as oils. The taste is authentic and provides a differentiation from the market and competition.


About Doehler:

Doehler (www.doehler.com) is a global producer, marketer and provider of technology-driven natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Doehler’s integrated approach and the broad product portfolio are the optimal basis for innovative and safe food & beverage applications. The product portfolio of natural ingredients ranges from natural flavours, natural colours, health ingredients, pulses & cereal ingredients, dairy & plant-based ingredients, fermented ingredients, dry fruit & vegetable ingredients, fruit & vegetable ingredients to ingredient systems.


Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, Doehler is active in over 130 countries and has more than 40 production sites, as well as sales offices and application centres on every continent. More than 7,000 dedicated employees provide our customers with fully integrated food & beverage solutions from concept to realisation.


“WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.” briefly describes Doehler’s holistic, strategic and entrepreneurial approach to innovation. This comprises market intelligence, trend monitoring, the development of innovative products and product applications, advice on food safety and microbiology, food law as well as Sensory & Consumer Science.


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