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Four reasons why Lumnia should be the sustainable fly-control solution of choice





A fly infestation can spell disaster – flies are one of the insects most likely to cause damage and disruption to a food business. They pose a significant health risk to staff, customers, and product by spreading disease and contaminating goods.


Flies have a short lifecycle. They multiply rapidly, with some fly species able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days under the right conditions. As you can imagine, this can cause huge problems for businesses, especially as the weather warms up.


Prevention is, more often than not, better than cure. But with flies becoming ever more resistant to insecticide, it’s important to take a proactive, preventative approach against infestations to ensure that the risk is managed before it starts to affect your bottom line. Rentokil has the solution: Lumnia.


Scientific innovation and expertise has helped Rentokil design a commercial fly-control solution that effectively attracts and kills flies both sustainably and hygienically by using high-attraction LED lamps.



Four sustainable reasons to choose the Lumnia range


HACCP-approved, Lumnia is a powerful solution that has helped protect the environment since 2017. By adopting Lumnia, your business can create its own sustainability success story and take advantage of the following benefits – plus many more.

1. The lowest energy consumption lamp on the market

Lumnia LED lamps save up to 79% energy compared to fluorescent bulb insect light traps (ILTs) when using their unique adaptive mode technology. Lumnia Compact, Standard, and Ultimate all feature adaptive mode options where you can opt to increase or decrease the power output of the lamps, without significantly compromising the efficacy of the unit.

2. 67% reduction in lamp waste

Lumnia LED lamps only need replacing every three years – as opposed to fluorescent bulbs that need to be replaced annually. This means that for every three fluorescent bulbs, you only need one Lumnia LED lamp, thereby reducing your lamp waste by 67%. As a result of this, Rentokil has managed to reduce lamp waste by 750,000 units, making Lumnia more environmentally friendly than existing ILTs.

3. Reduction in carbon emissions

Lumnia can help businesses be sustainable with a 62% reduction in carbon emissions. Over just four years, based on data from the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Lumnia has saved 26,600 tonnes of CO2 – that’s equivalent to powering over 3,200 homes for a year.

4. Zero toxic chemicals:

Lumnia LED lamps do not use any mercury and boast zero-toxic chemicals.




Here’s how each Lumnia unit can help to reduce your business’s environmental impact


• Using Lumnia Standard instead of a competitive product, you save 646kg of CO2 – reducing carbon emissions equivalent to driving 2615 kms.
• By using Lumnia Compact or Lumnia Slim instead of a competitive product, you’re saving 220kg of CO2 – that’s reducing carbon emissions equivalent to charging your smartphone every day for 73 years.


Other benefits from the world-leading Lumnia range


• Catches over 15 different flying insects: house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and blue bottles among others
• Catches flies as fast or faster than any other LED ILT on the market
• Combines LED light technology with unrivalled scientific innovation and expertise – to deliver total peace of mind.
• Hides captured flies from view and helps prevent cross-contamination
• The open/close feature makes units easy to service, so there’s minimal disruption to your business
• Range of units in different sizes and a versatile design to suit different environments


Sustainable fly-control solutions from a team you can trust




In 2020, Rentokil Initial was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for the development of differentiated products that included Lumnia – the first commercial range of LED fly-control units.

In 2019 Planet Mark certified that Lumnia demonstrates 62% lower carbon emissions when compared to our previous ILTs with fluorescent bulbs.

At Rentokil, we safeguard your reputation by incorporating both preventative and responsive strategies to help protect your business with innovative, consistent, and continuous pest-control.

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