Mobile Racking For The Bakery Industry




Barpro Storage SA has been the supplier of mobile racking systems in ambient, cold and freezer stores for over 25 years. Mobile racking is established as a popular choice for high-density storage efficiency.






Barpro has successfully installed over 300 mobile installations in Southern Africa, Mauritius and Australia, and the majority of the installations have been in Cold and Freezer Stores since this is the most expensive type of facility to build, maintain, and operate making maximum usage of volume vital. Barpro designs, supplies, and installs mobile racking systems into both new and existing stores to increase pallet capacity.


What is Mobile Racking?


Mobile Racking is a high-density, electrically operated storage system that can accommodate both conventional and cantilever racking. Appropriate for new and retrofitted ambient and cold-storage applications, Barpro mobile racking maximizes usable space by removing the need for multiple aisles, increasing vertical capacity, and providing 100% access to each and every pallet position.




Mobile racking gives the following benefits to the warehouse

1. Maximum utilisation of the warehouse space while allowing immediate access to every pallet location
2. No damage to the product stored
3. Improves stock rotation and control
4. Cold store or warehouse capacity almost doubled when compared to fixed selective racking. Ambient and freezer store running costs remain much the same.
5. Mobiles can be used to store many types of palletised unit loads – boxes, drums, sacks etc. Cantilevered mobiles can store cars and lengths of steel or wood.




Barpro Storage is a solution driven company. Barpro is no stranger to the baking and supplies industry. We have installed mobile racking in well-known frozen confectionary company, Goosebumps in Cape Town.


The storage capacity was adapted to store 1407 pallets of which 720 are on mobile racks and 687 pallets on fixed racking with space for additional mobiles as and when necessary.


The facility has a wall-to-wall width of 23 metres and a height of 11 metres. As a supplier of frozen baking goods, the facility must ensure that the Freezer to oven technology offers the best results and efficient production.



Barpro mobile racking systems offer:


• Durability
• Unrivalled capacity: Up to 80% more capacity than fixed racking
• Efficiency: Utilises all available space, with height capabilities of over 12m
• Accessibility: Immediate access to every pallet position
• Cost-effectiveness: Dramatic reduction in cost per pallet for the entire facility
• Energy-saving: smaller footprint significantly decreases cold-storage energy costs
• Retrofit-friendly: Ideal for new or existing warehouses and cold stores
• Adaptability: Works within most constraints




In the end mobile racking uses half of your warehouse space and reduces costs.


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