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More variety for consumers as IFG launches its delicious Joy Instant Noodle range


One of South Africa’s leading FMCG companies – International Food Group (IFG) – has announced it has expanded its popular Pasta Joy range with the launch of its premium quality Joy Instant Noodles, promising superior flavour and convenience with this easy-to-cook meal.




“Since launching our flagship Pasta Joy brand four years ago, we have seen an extremely positive response from consumers, with the pasta category expanding across all markets,” explained Mohammed Essack, Executive Director of the Pietermaritzburg-based International Food Group (IFG). “Pasta Joy, which is a European pasta sold at an affordable price, is now a leading pasta brand within its category.”


Leveraging off this equity, IFG conducted market research to ascertain how it could further improve the consumer experience, with surveys indicating a desire for a superior quality and affordable instant noodle range in FMCG market.

“Consumer satisfaction and in-depth market analysis underlie all decisions taken by IFG – as a result, we have developed the only value-for-money pasta and noodle brand countrywide,” continued Essack. “Joy Instant Noodles promise all the benefits of an instant noodle – they’re quick and easy to prepare, as well as affordable – with added value. The standard of our Joy Instant Noodle is in line with global standards, ensuring you get a convenient meal combined with easy preparation, premium quality and distinct flavour.”

To add further convenience for the Joy Instant Noodle consumer, IFG has launched the brand in packs of four – at a recommended retail price of R9.99 – available at major independent retail outlets nationally. Pasta Joy is currently available in chicken, cheese and beef flavours, however, Essack advises that the company is already developing a variety of new flavours to ensure the company is leading innovation in the category.


“We are currently developing flavours which are uniquely South African such as the chakalaka and braai flavours,” he continued. “We are also assessing opportunities to produce gourmet Asian-inspired flavours which have seen a rise in popularity the past few years. Consumers want really dynamic options in flavour and we will continue to research new ways to meet this demand.”

While traditional staples in South Africa have long been maize and wheat, increased urbanisation and demanding working hours have prompted product innovation within the convenience food sector, with pasta – and instant noodles in particular – leading the demand curve.

“Although it originates from Italy, pasta has become a household staple because it is easy to prepare and ideally suited to the modern lifestyle,” said Essack. “It is a culinary canvas and, by incorporating a range of homegrown ingredients and flavours, people are able to localise the taste. Instant noodles have the added benefit of being a quick and tasty snack or incorporated into a whole meal. They’re highly versatile and delicious!”

About International Food Group

International Food Group is a Pietermaritzburg based, family-owned business. The company is an importer of various FMCG brands that are distributed throughout Southern Africa. The company has been in business for over four years and has earned the confidence of major retailers. All products are manufactured according to global standards, under license of International Food Group (Pty) Ltd. The company is a proprietor and distributor of high-growth FMCG brands, with the flagship brand being Pasta Joy. The company also provides private-label management for major retailers.

Brands include Pasta Joy, Joy Instant Noodles, WOW! Peanut butter and Early Morning Oats




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